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Dina Manzo Slams Her Sister Caroline Manzo For Talking About Their Relationship On WWHL!

And the Real Housewives of New Jersey family feud continues! After Caroline Manzo revealed on Sunday night's episode of Watch What Happens Live that her relationship with her sister Dina Manzo is "over." Dina took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the situation and called out the Manzo'd With Children star.

"I'm sick w the flu for 7 days & not in the mood for this sh**," Dina tweeted, which seemed to be in response to Caroline's comments. "I said one day I will snap and I might be about to."

Dina went on to imply that Caroline is the one responsible for putting a strain on their relationship. "I was told NEVER to reach out/speak to her or her family again," she tweeted. "Disinvited to holidays? But I'm the rock she's trying to get blood out of?"

The Real Housewives of New Jersey alum then said that there was "no reason" for Caroline to bring up this topic publicly. "I was asked that same question on my press tour for my skincare & protected 'family' by saying all is good," she said.

Dina said her tweet to Siggy was only meant as a compliment for "giving great relationship advice" to The Real Housewives of New York City cast on WWHL. "Andy or a caller would have asked the question anyway" about Dina and Caroline's relationship status, according to Dina.

Ultimately, Dina said that she believes this drama is hurting their family. "I've kept my mouth shut for yrs to protect my parents & husband at the time," she tweeted. "I'm done. My parents can't be hurt anymore than they are now."

Dina then accused Caroline of revealing about their strained relationship to gain ratings for their show. "So go ahead get all the attention you want for your show...while you're at it call your parents. DONE," she wrote.

Then Dina ended the night with a positive message: "Ur all very sweet. Sometimes people can only take so much. I appreciate ur support. All u can do is send prayers of healing to all involved"

However, it looks like Dina Manzo isn't the only family member Caronline isn't speaking to. Dina revealed that Caroline doesn't speak to her parents anymore. "she doesn't even speak to my parents. I'm done. The fever has taken over," she tweeted.

Caroline has not yet publicly addressed Dina's comments, but she did respond to RHONJ alum Danielle Staub's tweet in which she wrote, "Why the double standard @carolinemanzo you didn't allow anyone to be friends with me but now?" after Caroline mentioned her on WWHL. But Caroline doesn't really seem to have a beef with her former castmate. "Because Danielle Staub, thanks for watching, No.1, and No.2, you and I did not have any kind of relationship, so I don't want to be around the people that are around you, so maybe it's my end," she said.

I don't understand why would Caroline reveal this, especially during the premiere night of her own show, the timing is suspect and it's just sad to see family feuding like this so publicly. My heart goes out to their parents, Caroline needs to learn to keep quit, she needs to take a lesson or two from Dina.

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo