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RHOC Recap: Shannon Gets Her Groove Back [Episode 8]

by: Sam Allan

The ladies of Orange County are on a roll this season! It's only episode 8 and there's already been two major fights. This episode started with Meghan continuing her IVF treatment. YAWN! I'm so tried of this storyline. So basically Meghan put two embryos in her and now she's hoping for the best!

Tamra and Heather caught up to discuss what happened did the other night. I feel like Tamra keeps talking about how much she's changed and how Kelly is the old version of her. We get it Tamra you found god but in my opinion she is so boring now! Heather is planning a trip and she isn't sure if she should invite Kelly or not. (She's in the promo for the trip so this convo was pretty much redundant.)

Kelly stopped by her "friend" Meghan's house to say hi and talk about her IVF, but Meghan was not happy with her chile. She said she's 100% on Shannon's side and that she was embarrassed to call Kelly her friend that night, damn. Meghan needs to cram it, okay. She is so fucking boring and I feel like Kelly was brought in to give the show some drama, I mean she has been the source of 2 fights already this season! Anyway Kelly cried and low-key shaded Meghan but I think they are still friends? Eh.

So David decided to throw Shannon are surprise birthday party/ surprise vowel renewal which was so cute! Her surprised her for her birthday and took her to the hotel where the got married, aw. He got all of there friends and family to meet at the hotel. Tamra, Heather and Meghan were all there. Even snake in the grass Jeff Lewis was there and tried to stir the pot in the OC. Shannon was so cute when David surprised her and said she should of worn a better dress! LOL! For real, David and Shannon have come so far in their marriage since his affair and I'm so glad they are so happy together, this has defiantly been the best season for the marriage and I am ready to see them more throughout the season.

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Photo Credit: Bravo