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Real Housewives Of Auckland Star Angela Stone Dealing With Harsh Internet Bullies!

It's been reported that Angela Stone has been badly trolled on social media following the two-night series premiere of The Real Housewives of Auckland. It's gotten so bad that she is heading back to Christchurch.

The stylist and fashion designer says producers warned all of the women featured on the Bravo New Zealand reality series to expect some social media backlash when it went to air last week, but the vitriol she has been subject to has shocked her.

"I don't think anything could have prepared me for the nastiness," Stone tells Stuff, who wants to spend time with her children and close girlfriends in her hometown and be "surrounded by love".

After the first episode, in which former fashion model Michelle Blanchard called Stone "plus-sized", Stone was criticized for crying on screen. She also got a lot of support as well, though, for standing up for the average New Zealand woman, who is size 12.

But after the second episode — in which Stone shared a rumor about co-star Gilda Kirkpatrick, who was formerly married to property magnate James Kirkpatrick — she says she started receiving threats on Instagram and Facebook.

"It's really quite unnerving, and really scary," says Stone.

Some of the online comments label her as "jealous" and "a train wreck".

Stone is firing back by enlisting the help of her office staff to remove nasty comments from her social media pages.

"People don't understand that [to ensure] this show is really successful we've had to magnify everything, to make it entertaining," she says. "This is entertainment."

Photo Credit: Bravo NZ