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Kelly Dodd: “Shannon Is Absolutely A Liar”

Kelly Dodd is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Kelly Dodd opens up about her explosive lunch with Shannon Beador and shares her side of the story.

Kelly writes:

"I hope you enjoyed "Frenemies of the State". There is a lot going on with the Housewives, most of it positive.

Meghan's egg retrieval reminded me of how excited Michael and I were when we went through the process.  Coincidentally, it turns out that Meghan's IVF doctor was Nina Potter's ex-husband. Did you see how quickly Dr. Potter disowned that foul mouthed woman?   

Meghan was right when she said "Orange County is so small there isn't six degrees of separation, there is one."  Keep this in mind when you see Shannon try to distance herself from Jaci and Nina while we are having lunch in Laguna Beach.

I so am proud of Meghan for the philanthropic work she does. Great job Meghan on giving such an inspirational speech.

By now you know that Vicki and I are simpatico. I thoroughly enjoy watching Vicki with Briana and her grandchildren. This is the Vicki I know and love: kind, funny, compassionate, a great mother, grandmother and friend.

It was good to see Vicki and Tamra rekindle their friendship. I know that being at odds with Tamra was weighing on Vicki. She seems much happier now that Briana is home, her health seems to be improving, is having fun with friends and putting Brooks in the rear view mirror.

Okay, back to #Shannon's_shenanigans.

If you are keeping score, Tamra, Vicki and Meghan have all concluded and stated that Shannon conspired to set me up by giving Jaci and Nina a forum to spread hateful lies and gossip. It's clear too, that the vast majority in the Twitterverse and Blogosphere have weighted in that Shannon set me up.

I think my family is "normal", which is to say, at times somewhat dysfunctional. We all say and do things, in the moment, that we regret. I definitely regret losing my temper and making a nasty scene at Shannon's '70s party. I am remorseful. In our family, we don't hold grudges. So, when my mom and Michael advised me to "forgive and forget", "be the bigger person", "give Shannon another chance", and "move on", I swallowed my pride and asked Shannon to meet me so, if appropriate, I could apologize and put the debacle behind us.    

From my perspective, I believe we were both in the wrong - Shannon for setting me up and me for losing my cool and making a scene. At least I am willing to own my mistakes. Remember though, that Shannon instigated the whole thing by staging the little pow-wow in the back room. Watching the episode and seeing Shannon deliberately asking Jaci, "Can you and Nina come with me please" to the back room for their gossip session was further proof that she set the whole thing up and had an agenda.   

Why am I so confident that Shannon conspired with these women to set me up? Remember when Michael and I were sitting on our couch discussing the party and I said, "She (Jaci) reached out to me?" Well, I have proof that Jaci reached out to me before the '70s party and that Shannon absolutely knew Jaci and I knew each other. I can prove this to Andy and everyone at the reunion. Please stay tuned for the proof of the truth!  

This proof is in my mind at the party and later when I met Shannon for lunch.  

At lunch, when I said, "I know that you know, that Jaci and I knew each other" I was certain that was a fact and suspected that Shannon and Jaci had been gossiping about me for months. Shannon acting like she didn't know that Jaci and I knew each other was complete BS.

When we met for lunch I asked about Shannon's relationship with Jaci, I was just trying to get her to admit the facts. However, obviously she took offense to my direct questioning. Calling me Officer Dodd was comical, because she is busted!

When Shannon says I wouldn't have a party just to set you up, I am sure that is true. Of course that isn't why she threw the party. However, it obviously was not below her to incite some drama by creating a sub-plot to sabotage my reputation.  

Heather said at the dinner in DC with Meghan, "if someone thinks I am a prostitute, I'm fine with that." But, I am not okay with that. Nina's salacious lies and claim that "I suck dick for money", was the worst insult I have ever experienced. I am a college graduate from Arizona State. After college, I worked as a top performing advertising sales professional for the Arizona Republic newspaper. My first husband graduated from Duke and the University of Arizona. He was a criminal defense attorney. Michael graduated from Texas A&M and was President of a publicly traded company. Nina is an idiot. It just goes to show she knows nothing about me. What a vile and nasty individual. I said in my blog last week that Shannon is known by the company she keeps and I meant it.  

I mentioned on the show that the lunch meeting with Shannon was difficult for me. When Shannon said, "you looked like an 'Indian'" and insinuated that I/Indians look ugly, I took great offense. My mom's side of the family originates from St. Johns, Arizona. My family owned a huge cattle ranch there before Arizona was even a state. Given that, I have always had the deepest respect for Native Americans, so Shannon's comment struck a nerve.  

Shannon was smug when she arrived at the restaurant. She projects an air of superiority that rubs me that wrong way. She said she thought she was there to help me and to get an apology. I was willing to give her one, but she never owned up to being complicit to gossiping and making up lies about me. So, no apology from me.

You have to be a very accomplished and confident liar to challenge me to look you in the eyes as you continue to tell your lies. This is exactly what Shannon did to me at our lunch and as I said, Shannon is absolutely a liar.

One final proof point, when Shannon pops out from behind the curtain as we are leaving the '70s party, she somehow, by osmosis maybe, spews a bunch of gossip has about me. Yeah right, you weren't scheming with those women before the party!   

I am glad I pulled the plug on lunch. It was going nowhere. Despite my attempt to mend fences, my relationship with Shannon is going south. The red flags are there all right. 

As the preview of the next show illustrates, the fuse is lit and the fireworks are about to begin again. Stay tuned."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo