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Estrella TV Confirms ‘Rica Famosa Latina’ Series Is Expanding — ‘Rica Famosa Latina: Miami’ Is Coming In 2017!

Hola mi gente! Our favorite Spanish reality guilty pleasure is turning into a franchise just like The Real Housewives and Basketball Wives. I'm happy to report that Rica Famosa Latina is heading to Florida - Estrella TV has officially confirmed that Rica Famosa Latina: Miami is happening and will premiere in 2017.

A few weeks ago the network revealed a TV reel of their 2016/2017 programming with series focusing on pop cultural, music, holiday specials, movies, sporting events, including their new digital series' and much more.

The network revealed that Rica Famosa Latina Miami is currently in production and will premiere in spring 2017. My guess is that #RFLMiami will air after Rica Famosa Latina (L.A.) airs its fourth season, which is returning next month in September.

In the clip above, we see scenes of the Miami cast however, I can't point out who they are... for now!

I wonder if any ladies from The Real Housewives of Miami will make an appearance on the show, since most of them are actually Latinas, make it happen Estrella TV!

In case you were living under a rock, former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Joyce Giraud created her very own reality show after exiting the Bravo hit show.

As you noticed, the show is inspired by the Real Housewives franchise - the only difference is that the show is in Spanish and the show airs Monday through Thursdays (weeknights), making each season over 30 episodes.

Giraud doesn't appear on the show - she is the creater and executive producer of the successful hit reality series. Rica, Famosa, Latina translates to Rich, Famous, Latina!

(L-R: Sandra, Luzelba, Andrea, Niurka, Mayeli, Victoria and Sisi)

The show focuses on the lives of successful and famous latin women living in Los Angeles, where the glamour and the drama collide. Think RHONJ meets RHOBH.

Returning to Season 4 are Andrea Garcia, Luzelba Mansour, Mayeli Rivera, Niurka Marcos, Sandra Vidal, Sissi Fleitas and Victoria del Rosal.

You can watch full episodes of Rica Famosa Latina via Hulu or you can stream them directly via Estrella TV's official website HERE!

Rica Famosa Latina Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, September 6 at 7:00pm on Estrella TV.

Rica Famosa Latina Miami is set to premiere sometime in spring 2017 on Estrella TV!

Photo/Video Credit: Estrella TV