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Phaedra Parks’ Former Client Threatens To Bomb Her Law Firm, Suspect Arrested And Charged With Making Terroristic Threats!

Fix It Jesus! A man claiming to have a bomb was arrested on Thursday, and his target was allegedly Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks. According to multiple reports, the suspect, Terrence Cook, was detained after entering a Georgia office building and saying he "was tired of being treated wrongly and that he had a bomb," the Atlanta Police Department tells Entertainment Tonight.

According to police, Cook was carrying a FedEx envelope and a book and was purportedly looking for Parks, who works as a lawyer.

"The suspect was attempting to go to the second floor, which is The Parks Group law firm, but was unable to get to that floor," Atlanta Police Department told Entertainment Tonight in a statement, confirming S.W.A.T. units and Airport K-9 also responded to the scene. "Police officers detained the suspect on the fifth floor. Homeland Security responded to the scene and advised they would be charging the suspect."

A second source told People that they saw the suspect in the office building that morning, as he got on the elevator.

“The guy was a little out of place,” the source says. He was wearing a white tank top and was carrying a cane, the source says.

“He was out of breath and he was using a cane and he was really hobbling, like it was a really pronounced hobble, and he was out of breath and sweating,” the source says, adding that they later saw that same man in custody of the police.

Police say no bomb was ever found. Cook has been charged with making terroristic threats and creating a false public alarm, reports ET.

It's unclear whether Parks was even in Atlanta at the time, as she has been sharing social media posts from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as recently as Wednesday.

We will bring you more updates as they become available.

Photo Credit: Bravo