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Ariane Bellamar Threatening Legal Action Against The Producers Of ‘RHOToronto’ And Is Demanding An Apology!

Last week we reported that Ariane Bellamar called out the producer's of the upcoming Canadian reality series, The Real Housewives of Toronto after she claimed that she was alleged fired from the show after her pregnancy didn’t co-ordinate with the show’s shooting schedule.

Now in a new interview with CTV, the former Beverly Hills Nanny star explains how she found out she was fired and is demanding an apology.

"Out of nowhere, I got an email from a law firm that I've never been introduced to with a termination letter. I was so shocked," Bellamar said. "Who fires a woman that's a week and a half or two weeks that's that side of her due date?"

Ariane  also said that producers told her that she needed to remove the tweets she made after she went public with her claims about her exit from the show.

"You need to take those tweets down within 24 hours," the blonde bombshell said production told her. However, Ariane made it clear that her tweets aren't going anywhere.

"I would not hold your breath for that because a contract is only a contract if it's legal. Discrimination is never legal and I have the right to talk about it."

She continued: "You will not silence me."

Bellamar has threatened legal action against the production company and is seeking an apology.

"I thought a lot about what the right resolution would be in this case," she said. "The first thing starts with an apology."

She added: "I'm talking full legal action. I want to take action on their violation on human rights because this has got to stop."

Watch the full interview below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images