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Ariane Bellamar Says Pregnancy Got Her Fired From The Real Housewives Of Toronto!

Ariane Bellamar is claiming that she was fired from the upcoming Canadian reality series, The Real Housewives of Toronto. According to Bellamar, she got axed from the show because her pregnancy didn’t co-ordinate with the show’s shooting schedule.

In an interview with TMZ via ET Canada, Bellamar, who is best known from the reality show “Beverly Hills Nanny” says that she’s nearly nine months pregnant, but learned on Friday that her doctor needed to shift the date of her C-section by a week — when she was supposed to have been attending an “all-cast retreat.”

Even though her pregnancy and upcoming birth of her child were planned to be part of the show’s first-season storyline, Bellamar is alleging she received a letter of termination the same day she informed producers of the date change.

“I am absolutely going to take legal action against the production company,” Bellamar says in the video interview, below, adding, “This is inhumane.”

Bellamar took to Twitter to call out the production company.

“No person or industry has the right 2 violate your #humanrights @LarkTV @slice_tv @CorusPR @Haskett @OntHumanRights.”

She added: “My #pregnancy is not your #RealityTV #storyline to be used & abused at your leisure@LarkTV @Haskett #RealHousewives.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images