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The Real Housewives Of Auckland Cast Trip Destination Revealed!

The Real Housewives of Auckland are in the midst of filming their first season and it looks like the New Zealand beauties will be going on their first cast trip. According to Spy, the ladies are
set to jet off  to the Pacific Islands.

The new upcoming series has reached its halfway stage and is expected to air in August on Bravo New Zealand (formally Channel 4).

The Real Housewives franchise is known for their infamous cast trip drama and catfights however a source tells Spy that the mood between the six Kiwi cast members — Angela Stone, Gilda Kirkpatrick, Michelle Blanchard, Ann Batley-Burton, Julia Sloane and Louise Wallace — had been more like a bonding session of six acquaintances who have become good friends.

The site reveals that advertising agency owner Kirkpatrick and model Blanchard have become the closest of the six.

People had high expectations from former broadcaster Wallace would be the bitch of the show but to everyone's disappointment, Wallace has been a uniter rather than a fighter.

Sloane — an author — is said to be the naughty and funny one of the pack and has hired her own PR agent to help her negotiate the months ahead. Champagne lady Batley-Burton is fast turning into a fan favorite.

The Real Housewives of Auckland is set to premiere sometime in August on Bravo New Zealand.

Photo Credit: Bravo New Zealand