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RHOMelbourne Officially Returns To Bravo For Season 3 On July 22 — Watch The Official Trailer, Cast Bios And Photos HERE!

As we previously reported, The Real Housewives of Melbourne are returning to Bravo for Season 3 on July 22. Now, Bravo has officially announced the new series and added the show to their summer lineup. The network has also revealed Season 3 trailer. Chyka Keebaugh, Gamble Breaux, Gina Liano, Jackie Gillies, Janet Roach, Lydia Schiavello and Pettifleur Berenger will be joined by new housewife, Susie McLean. Check out the official Season 3 trailer, cast bios and photos below!

via Bravo TV Press Release

Bravo Media’s favorite Sheilas are back with outrageous accusations and jaw-dropping surprises for season three of “The Real Housewives of Melbourne” on Friday, July 22 at 9 pm ET/PT. With a backdrop of exotic locales and high end events, Chyka Keebaugh, Gamble Breaux, Gina Liano, Jackie Gillies, Janet Roach, Lydia Schiavello and Pettifleur Berenger are joined by country girl turned Toorak Housewife, Susie McLean.  Check out a sneak peek here:

The season kicks off with flowing champagne and delicious treats as the ladies catch up on all the gossip in recent months at Chyka’s book club where she introduces the new girl on the block, 47 year old property stylist and socialite Susie McLean.  Gamble and Rick dive into planning the wedding of their dreams, but are not exempt from the obstacles that lie ahead.  Later, the wives take off for an unforgettable luxurious vacation, but can’t escape the drama as tensions implode amongst the group.  

Meet the Housewives:

Chyka Keebaugh
Chyka Keebaugh is one of Melbourne’s most well-connected housewives. A familiar face at Melbourne’s top VIP events, Chyka is a go-getter with a quiet confidence and a positive outlook on life. Chyka is married to her best friend and business partner Bruce, who together have built one of Australia’s largest privately owned catering and event companies, The Big Group. With clients ranging from Middle Eastern sheiks to aristocracy; their clientele includes society’s elite. This powerful dynamic duo’s empire also includes The Design Depot and Capital Kitchen.

Chyka and Bruce lead a very busy social life. To keep on top of the never-ending invites, they meet up once a week to coordinate their schedules, always carving out time for the most important people to them, their family.  When time permits, Chyka and Bruce love to travel, often combining work and play, returning to Australia with a crate full of new purchases and design ideas. Chyka is a huge fan of design, style, fashion, food and beautiful spaces; she also loves shopping and rummaging through antique shops for collectables. Using this knowledge, Chyka recently launched her own blog, which shares all her tips about decorating, cooking, creating and basically everything Chyka.

Chyka and Bruce have two teenage children - twenty-one year old Chessie and nineteen year old BJ.

Gamble Breaux
Gamble Breaux is quirky, quick-witted and one to place your bets on when it comes to standing her ground.  The stunning former model lives on the prestigious Mornington Peninsula with her now husband Dr. Rick Wolfe, one of Australia’s most respected cataract and laser refractive eye surgeons.  The loved up couple share their stunning sea-side home with Rick’s cheeky nineteen year old son Luke, and her two Pomeranian fur-babies Cash and Wicket.

In between Gamble’s "maintenance" work of pilates, jogging and the occasional touch of botox, the former model loves nothing more than spending her free time behind the easel.  With a passion for painting, Gamble not only creates her own masterpieces, but also works  part-time as a contemporary art consultant in both Melbourne and Sydney. On top of this, Gamble has also designed her very own handbag line.

Gamble the blushing bride, spent most of the year planning her beautiful Byron Bay wedding.

Gina Liano
Giana Liano is a Criminal Barrister and mother of two handsome young men – twenty-five year old Christos and eighteen year old Myles, as well as mom to adorable toy poodle Ninja. Always taking great pride in her appearance, it is no surprise that Gina is also part of fashion royalty, having renowned Australian designers Bettina Liano and Teresa (TL Wood) as sisters.

Gina has been in the legal game for 16 years and has represented some high profile clients. Dig below the surface and there is more to Gina than meets the eye; you’ll often find her in the courtroom fighting for the little guy. It was outside the courtroom however that Gina faced the biggest battle of her life. When diagnosed with cancer in 2003, Gina confronted the devastating news with her typical determination and optimism. She successfully recovered from grueling treatment and emerged all the more determined to live her life to the fullest.

Having recently launched her autobiography and shoe line, this busy barrister has somehow managed to find the time to develop a new perfume that is soon to be launched. Gina also serves as an Ambassador for the Cancer Council of Victoria.  One thing’s for sure - Gina Liano, the "professional fighter," is always ready to embrace the next challenge.

Jackie Gillies
Jackie Gillies, the youngest of the Housewives, is spiritual, sassy and stylish. Married to Silverchair drummer Ben Gillies, Jackie and Ben relocated from Newcastle to Melbourne for a creative breath of fresh air, and are now full-fledged Melbournians. Croatian born, Jackie leads a diverse and exciting life – from breakdancing, singing, attending A-list parties and checking out live music with Ben, it’s a true rock and roll lifestyle.

Their romance is nothing short of a fairy tale. Reconnecting 14 years after their first meeting during a TAFE music course, they tied the knot in 2010 and both confessed to having dreamt about being together. Jackie and Ben like to dream big, and so far, this faith has worked to their advantage. After launching their highly successful beverage company, Jackie and Ben have been busy promoting the business internationally and embarking on new adventures. In their downtime, the loved-up couple love spending time in their hometown, Newcastle.

As one of Australia’s highest profile professional psychics, Jackie’s proven history of connecting people to their loved ones has seen her talents in high demand, with both celebrities and long-time clients seeking out Jackie’s uplifting skills and guidance for advice and inspiration.

With a mantra like "shine, shine, shine" it’s no wonder that for Jackie Gillies, every day is a gift, ready to be opened.

Janet Roach
Blonde bombshell, Janet Roach is a Property Developer who knows how to pack a punch. This self-made woman is worth more than her ex-husbands and is proud to say she can buy anything she desires - without looking at the price tag.  Janet believes that plastic surgery "is a personal choice" and makes sure she stays looking her best with a little help from botox, fillers and a glass or two of champagne. For this fun loving blonde, there is no shortage of invitations to Melbourne’s top VIP events, but during downtime, Janet loves nothing more than getting down and dirty in her veggie patch at her much loved holiday house in Red Hill.

Janet says being mother to thirty-one year old Paul and twenty-seven year old Jake is the greatest achievement of her life, but with it came her greatest heartache. Several years ago, Janet’s world came crashing down when her son Jake suffered third-degree burns to seventy percent of his body at a friend’s party – only barely surviving. It’s been a long road to recovery, but Janet is deeply proud of Jake’s determination and courage and even teamed up to launch a business together last year. Their tea line, Raw Essentials funds a charitable foundation that supports both burns patients and their caretakers.

Although still looking for love, Janet is enjoying being single, and until Mr. Right comes along, she’s happy to date a few Mr. Wrongs.

Lydia Schiavello
Lydia Schiavello is the quintessential cosmopolitan housewife. As well as being an accomplished hostess, interior decorator, cook and skier – Lydia is a devoted mother of two boys, one girl and three step-children – not to mention her fashion-forward Italian greyhound, Figaro.

With a beautiful home in Malvern and a holiday house in the snowfields of Thredbo, Lydia is married to the renowned architect and CEO of Metier3, Andrew Norbury. Not surprisingly, one of Lydia’s passions is design – and after studying at the distinguished RMIT, she’s now applied her well-honed skills to the recent renovation of her contemporary home.

Proud of her Italian heritage, Lydia is also a die-hard foodie, always combining the latest culinary trends with traditional techniques learnt from her mother Lina. Sunday night family dinners are a firm favorite in Lydia’s home. When she’s not overseeing her household or attending to her family, Lydia’s objectives are purely altruistic - immersing herself in her role as an Ambassador to The Shane Warne Foundation. Lydia facilitates and participates in the numerous fund raising events for the Foundation and is instrumental in creating new connections and donor opportunities.

Lydia recently launched her own website, and relishes sharing all the good things in life, or as the Italians would say, "La dolce vita!"

Pettifleur Berenger
Determined, feisty, and glamorous, Pettifleur Berenger lives the high life in more ways than one. Born in Sri Lanka, Pettifleur moved to Australia in her late teens and immediately felt at home in Melbourne. In a true rags to riches story, Pettifleur now runs a successful property development business – building homes she could only dream of living in as a child. Not surprisingly, creating luxury is Pettifleur’s stock in trade and one look at her opulent penthouse in Melbourne will tell you why.

Pettifleur’s partner of nine years is Frank - her rock, soulmate and constant traveling companion. Together they have invested in a stable of elite race horses and Pettifleur enjoys jaunts around the world to watch their horses compete. Married twice, Pettifleur has three beautiful sons, aged from twelve to twenty-three. She has hit two major milestones in the last year. Not only has she turned 50, but she also launched her first self-help book, aimed at inspiring women worldwide.

Whatever Pettifleur thinks will no doubt happen, as she believes in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.

Susie McLean
Susie McLean is a country girl turned Toorak housewife. A fixture of Melbourne society for decades, Susie exudes elegance and embodies the traditional values and good manners of her rural upbringing. Susie comes from a large, but extremely close Italian family and is the proud mother of two young men to whom she is devoted, 19-year-old Monty and 17-year-old Rupert.

Susie is enjoying being single after two marriages. Resilient and open-hearted, Susie has embraced solo-life since her high-profile divorce from Rod Butterss, former St. Kilda Football Club president.  Susie’s natural love of sports is her secret to staying in great shape. Susie can do it all - running, golf, skiing, boxing, horse-riding and even wake-boarding. But it is classical ballet that has captured Susie’s heart, bravely mastering pointe work in the last few years.

Susie has a wide circle of friends from all walks of life and is current President of the Country Women’s Association’s Toorak branch. A passionate cook and baker, Susie’s specialty in the CWA is her famous Pavlovas. Susie is kept grounded by good old-fashioned ideals, yet has her own contemporary style and plans to open a Finishing School in the next year.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 3 premieres on Friday, July 22 at 9/8c on Bravo. For International TV Listings click here!

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo