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Lynne Curtin's Daughter Alexa Charged For Alleged Drug Possession!

Lynne Curtin's youngest daughter, Alexa Curtin is back in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. According to a new report, The Real Housewives of Orange County daughter is facing two drug charges after a traffic stop last month.

Alexa, was allegedly found with drugs when police pulled her over on May 14, a spokesperson for the Orange County District Attorney's office confirmed to People.

On June 7, the DA charged her with two misdemeanors – possession of a controlled substance and possession of controlled substance paraphernalia – as well as an infraction for not having evidence of registration for her vehicle. The 23-year-old could face up to a year in county jail.

The charges come two months after Curtin filed a lawsuit accusing an Orange County sheriff's deputy of raping her during a different traffic stop in 2014.

"We take allegations of this nature very seriously," a spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff's Department told OC Weekly in April of the lawsuit. "We are currently working with her attorney to set up an interview."

Her attorney, Jeremy D. Jass, told the publication of the rape lawsuit that his client, "was violated, traumatized, emotionally drained" and "in shock."

This isn't the first time Alexa Curtin has had trouble with the law. Back in 2013, it was reported that Alexa was charged with domestic violence after getting into a fight with her boyfriend. In July 2014, it was reported that Curtin was caught by security cameras at Pier Plaza in Huntington Beach drinking on a beach with a group of friends and she was issued a misdemeanor ticket and ordered to appear in court a month later, only she didn’t.

By not showing up for that court appearance, there was a warrant for Alexa’s arrest issued on August 2014 with a bail at $500. She avoided conviction during the arraignment by agreeing to a Deferred Entry of Judgment — that means she plead guilty but the court didn’t enter a judgment. As a result, Alexa had to complete a 6- to 12-month educational program and to stay out of trouble.

Then, on December 2014, it was reported that Alexa got another bench warrant and bail was set to $10K after failing to show up to a mandatory court appearance. She showed up on February 2015 and the warrant was recalled. Without completing her DEJ program, Alexa then plead guilty to downgraded charges

Curtin worked as a porn star under the name Jayden Taylors.

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail