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Lauri Peterson ‘Inconsolable’ After Son Josh's Arrest For Attempted Murder!

Earlier this week, Lauri Peterson's son Joshua Waring was arrested and is now facing seven charges in attempted murder case after allegedly shooting a man in the torso in Costa Mesa, California. As Lauri awaits for the fate of her son, a source/close friend of the former Real Housewives of Orange County star said that “Lauri is inconsolable!”

“She is absolutely mortified at what is going on right now,” the insider told Radar Online. “Lauri does not know what to say because what Josh did was so disturbing that there is really nothing she can say right now.”

“Her friends are trying to console her and be there for her but she is just so ashamed of what is going on with Josh,” said the source.

The source added: “They used to be so close and he has just turned into a complete monster!”

Peterson quit RHOC after Season 4 to take care of her son who, at the time, was trying to beat an addiction to heroin. She has not spoken publicly about this new incident yet.

As we previously reported, Josh is currently being held behind bars on attempted murder charges after he was chased and arrested by police in Santa Ana, Calif., on Monday. Waring appeared in the Costa Mesa Jail courtroom at 10 a.m. on Thursday, June 23 but did not plea, an Orange County Superior Court public information officer told Radar Online.

While the court will not reveal why the court date was moved to July 15, it has officially announced Waring’s charges: three counts of attempted murder, three counts personal use of a firearm and one count of inflicting great bodily injury.

Initially the hearing was supposed to take place Wednesday, June 22, but the court postponed the arraignment after Waring refused to leave his cell.

Back in 2015, Peterson confirmed that she adopted her granddaughter Kennedy (Josh's daughter), and become her guardian as Josh and his wife continued to deal with their "personal issues."

"As most of the viewers know, I have a son and he's had just a lot of challenges. And he and his wife had a baby almost three years ago. He's really struggling and, well, they're both really struggling. And so [my husband] George and I elected to help out and we actually adopted Kennedy, and so we're raising her," she told The Daily Dish. "It's been such a great experience because this is helping them out and hopefully they can get their lives together and be OK. But on the other hand for George and I, I've watched him raise his kids, he's watched me raise my kids, but we didn't have a child together and now I get to see a side of George that I've never seen before. And if I was in love with him before, I've fallen so hard in love with him now because he is so generous to take on this huge responsibility."

Peterson's former co-stars Vicki Gunvalson, Jeana Keough and Alexis Bellino have reached out to offer support.

Photo Credit: Bravo