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Dorinda Medley Reacts To Sonja Morgan’s ‘Fake’ Comment And Shows Her Support For Jules Following Divorce Announcement!

Dorinda Medley is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Dorinda explains why she has an issue with how the Mexico trip was planned, reacts to Sonja's 'fake' comment and shows her support for Jules following divorce announcement.

Dorinda writes:

"Well well well…here we are, out of the fire and into the flame…and you can see there are new fires just “getting lit.” I keep saying this and I feel like I’m the only one: Live and let LIVE! We are grown women and can decide what, where, and when we spend our time, and, specifically, WHO WITH. What may work for me in my relationships may not work for someone else. At this point, I think it’s clear — what works for me may not work for other relationships. With that said, it makes me really uncomfortable to see Luann’s relationship with Tom — however “young” it may be — be scrutinized and judged like this. But I do understand there is quite an “element of surprise” in all this. Would I like it if my close girlfriend dated the man I am in love with? No, but I tend to be a bit territorial to say the least…LOL. And yes, even jealous. To be honest, I would be asking lots of questions and asking every detail: How many times did you go out, where did you go, what did you wear, what did SHE wear, what did you order, did you kiss, did you sleep together, etc…. But that’s me. (And maybe that’s you too?) Credit to Lu, she doesn’t seem to mind about the past and is all focused on her future. She’s happy, so that’s that. At the end of the day, it’s not my business to poke around in it.

I will say this: Ramona should’ve been given the heads up, because they DID go out on several dates. Ramona mentioned it to all of us, and it would’ve been the right thing for Lu to do. So that’s that. (And if anyone should’ve gotten a bracelet out of all this, it should’ve been Sonja! Am I right, ladies?!) 

Oh, Sonja…

She shouldn’t really talk about her “relationship” with Tom. That’s not nice. And you know me, I like it NICE! So I understand that Sonja is still upset about the Berkshires — not just in this episode, but STILL  — like, in real life. Like I’ve been saying for weeks, I stand by my decision. I told her in this episode, going to the Berkshires “would have been DREAD-FUL for you.” Truly, madly, deeply dreadful. It wasn’t me keeping Sonja away or trying to “ice her out,” it was me understanding that this had the potential for being a high-intensity overnight stay, and I knew there were a few witches a-brewin’ and that at any moment something wicked could’ve come her way! It’s the same reason Sonja was basically blocked from the Mexico trip. Here’s the thing, going on holiday or a girls trip is NOT the time or the place to try and iron out some wrinkles. So, Sonja, the right place was NOT Dorinda’s. The right place was somewhere in which you and Bethenny were both willing participants and where you could both easily just leave if the situation became worse. Cooped up in a country house is NOT that kind of place! Leaving a party or getting into a car and going home IS. I just think it’s odd that Sonja’s clinging to the Berkshires thing and doesn’t really have much to say about the Mexico thing. I mean, she was virtually thrown out of Bethenny’s office, in tears, after hearing the words “I never want to see you again,” but yet she’s furious with ME?! Seems a bit odd, don’t you think? She called me a “fake” on WWHL, and let me tell you… that’s the first time anyone’s ever referred to ME as “fake.” Just proves she’s still lovable, delusional Sonja Morgan. But it was nice to know she loved my Berserkshires moment about all the toil and trouble at Blue Stone Manor that night when she was on Watch What Happens Live. (And my new #MCM will be the adorable superfan Jerry O’Connell!) 

But, wait…there’s MORE! Yes, I have an issue with how the Mexico invitation list was “composed” as well. Does Carole have final approval of guest lists? I listen to people’s suggestions and concerns, but I don’t let anyone hijack an event, party, or guest list because they have a bee in their bonnet…that’s not NICE! Anyway, I *THINK* I’m invited, but after that little chat with the girls, I don’t know if anyone actually *IS*… Seriously, your guess was as good as mine.

But back to Luann… If we’ve learned anything about Luann, it’s that Lu doesn’t take NO for an answer. Even though she was never asked, she will preemptively not take NO for an answer. It’s comical. Even how they showed up, Lu in white, B in black… This was an epic, poetic, Cold War showdown over red wine in Manhattan. It was funny, awkward, provocative, and very, very telling. It looked like B was in a revival of “Dazed and Confused” by Tommy Tune, and not getting a word in edgewise for the first time since 1986, and Lu was having quite the soliloquy about love, life and her pursuit of happiness. Tear down those walls, Lu!

And now, in closing, a few thoughts on Jules and Michael… 

Let me fill you in on some facts… They were over an hour late. So what else is there to do? #MartiniTime! And when they showed up, you could cut the tension better than the steaks we were served. And you know me…Dorinda likes to make it NICE, so I proceeded to try and give some advice — some Martini-fueled advice, but it was all from a good place. I’ve been married twice, and I can tell you this: The best of marriages have those moments where you love him so much, you can’t breathe. And then there are times where you can’t stand him to save your life. Clearly this was one of those moments. But also, we now know there was much more going on behind the scenes that even I didn’t see. I realize there were deeper problems now, with Michael always being late, always on the phone, taking selfies, joking about hot nannies or hot girls… Much deeper problems, sadly.

It’s always sad when a family has to go through that and a marriage breaks apart. Had I known it was the beginning of the end, I would have just asked for the check instead of another glass. But I’m here for you, Jules. We all are."

What do you think about Dorinda’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo