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Pettifleur Berenger Slams RHOMelbourne Co-Star Jackie Gillies For Accusing Lydia Schiavello Of Cheating!

Pettifleur Berenger is taking to her personal blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Pettifleur Berenger dishes on Season 3 finale episode and slams Jackie Gillies for accusing Lydia Schiavello of cheating.

Pettifleur writes:

"Blood is thicker than water and my family is the most important people in the world to me. My sister and I grew up super tight and we shared the tiniest details of our life with each other. We spoke to each other on the phone everyday.

Gillian and I have never fallen out prior to this and that’s what makes it so foreign to us. When we had a disagreement last year, we both reacted to each other in a way that was uncommon to us.

I pulled away because I don’t like arguing with my sister as I have always looked up to her and she has always protected me, if needed. I have been loyal and by her side at the drop of a hat and she has for me. I can forgive my sister for the harsh words spoken because I know she was angry and upset with me that we had drifted apart for a few months, but I am not going to pretend that it has not hurt me severely.

My sister has apologised profusely and I know she is very remorseful and distraught by her unkind words towards me. I have also looked at myself and I am able to reflect and understand. I have no issue in apologising if I am wrong.

I have come to the conclusion that when things are not great in a relationship, never use your bloody purchases to start up a conversation, it attracts the opposite reaction to what you are looking for, especially when dealing with my sister. She is scary. Lol.

Even though it was unpleasant at the time, our love and tight bond of my 51 years of been in my sister’s life can withstand our little tiff like a drop in the ocean. We are in a great place now.

I was invited to Lydia’s mum Lena’s birthday prior to the Glasshouse incident with Lydia and decided I would go as I am a woman who stands by her word and for the good times and old time’s sake.

I was happy to see Gina even though she nearly took my eyeball out at the Glasshouse. I don’t know if I have a high tolerance for these women and grown a thick skin or if I really don’t let it bother me to a point that I forget what they say and do. Gamble and I are smooth sailing at the moment and I will try not to rock the boat.

The party was spectacular in true Lydia fashion, she knows how to host a party with all the trimmings. The reaction on Lena’s face when the donkeys arrived was worth every bit of that donkey act. I was dumbfounded, but Lena was thrilled, so it was all worth the effort. Gamble is worried about donkey feces and wants to call the SWAT team.

We sit down to a scrumptious lunch and Gina does not miss a moment to announce to Lydia’s brother that she has been on Neighbours and Celebrity Apprentice. Oh Lord talk about monkey praising its own tail. Heard it. Heard it. Heard it.

We find out Lydia was a troublemaker growing up, let’s face it, everyone on that table agreed that she is a troublemaker. I put my two cents in and Lena gets a bit snappy, understandably. Thankfully Gina concurs, but I am surprised that Lydia thinks I have issues with her. I am only stating a fact and she should not get so sensitive about it, furthermore, I would not have attended. I find she flicks me off in a trivializing manner behind my back with her statements.

Lydia is in a lot of hot water with all the girls, she is not malicious and she does not go out of her way to make up stories, she just hears it from other people and repeats it. She is like a parrot.

While we stood around discussing the issues surrounding Lydia’s gossiping, something popped into my mind that Lydia told me in my first season about Chyka and the penny dropped. I realised this is what the girls were all talking about and I was super silent and listening to what everyone was saying.

However I did not run to Chyka with this gossip, so I still think it was wrong for Jackie to divulge this to Chyka. This is how you hurt friendships because she has now spread it to everyone. If I have something to say, I tend to say it straight to that persons face even though it gets me into serious trouble. As much as I think Lydia should come clean and admit to spreading some gossip, Jackie is equally guilty.

It was interesting to watch Jackie give Susie a reading. I am not sure if the angels were talking to her or the producers, however I am not one to judge someone’s career. Jackie says, “I do what I do to help, I am not here to find your birth certificate”. I find that very untrue. If Jackie is here to help people, she will help anyone under any circumstances and not on a case-by-case basis.

I genuinely asked for her help outside the show, why didn’t she say book an appointment and I will help you? Why did she bring it onto the show? All I wanted urgently was my son’s original birth certificate to get his passport.

Gina is getting ready for her perfume launch and the red faced Josh is on hand, She asks him to steam her dress and says “I would be absolutely lost without Josh.” What does he do now? Oh he forgot. I am confused he forgets his phone at a very important meeting, does not recognise colours, has a memory limit of two seconds and walks around like he has been hit by a stun gun.

Some of the girls are invited to Gina’s Perfume launch and we are going to support her.

No doubt Gamble is super excited and can barely contain herself, she is completely high on perfume fumes and very cheeky, I like this side to Gamble we bring out each other’s fun personality. I can own my behaviour and I was truly sorry for what I conveyed to Lydia and I felt it was the right time to apologise to Gamble. It was nice to have that cutesy moment with her, I don’t think I will ever be like Gina to her, but a friendship without fights will do for now.

Lydia arrived not too long after and I had made up my mind to treat her with the same love and respect as before, it is easier for me to be happy than angry and I choose happy. I don’t think Lydia can comprehend what a supportive and loyal friend I have been to her.

When Lydia has jokes on me, I don’t care, however she has a cry when I joke about her hairstyle. I wasn’t even serious. We all know copying is a form of flattery anyway.

Hasn’t Susie learnt anything yet, now she is off telling Lydia that we were talking about her and that I was upset? Get it right, I am not upset; I am just stating some facts about Lydia.

It’s Lydia’s opinion, and I have no idea where she comes up with it, she says referring to me “she wants me to be a friend the way she wants me to be”.

Lydia does not get the definition of being a good friend. It’s sad that Lydia will not change her understanding of friendships and takes a swipe at me instead of looking at how she conducts herself.

When Lydia gets cornered with the truth she clutches at straws and comes out swinging with false allegations. I am past worrying about Lydia and all the other women saying I am needy, If the they think I am not allowed to be hurt when they ignored me and confuse it with been needy, then they need a reality check. Lydia is just repeating what the other girls say to get out of the hole she is dug for herself. Its like monkey see monkey do.

Friends support each other without expectations because that’s what good friends do.

Gina makes a grand entrance and takes the stand; it is inspiring to see other women succeed. I am very proud of Gina for all that she has achieved and she deserves every bit of glory for her hard work.
Gina joins us girls at the table and somehow my blue lipstick turns to naughty talk, I knew it wasn’t going to be missed, but I did not expect it to go there. The mood was very light hearted and the conversation was flowing with ease.

Even though Nathan has moved out of home he visits home very frequently to have a chat and give me a hug. I love that we have such a strong bond and share quality time together. I am surprised my décor seen on screen is from last year, I have replaced my upright piano with the baby grand and my cushions have been undated as seen in the episode with my sister.

Nathan is concerned about my treatment by Lydia and understandably does not want to see me hurt he feels that I should cut the friendship off. Lydia had my utmost loyalty and she blew it, I find it very difficult that she has been so dismissive of me even more so behind my back.

Finally Chyka and Lydia catch up and Lydia gets confronted about the gossip she has been spreading about all the girls for a long time, however Lydia is not having a bar of it, she blames people for coming up to her and twisting stories, which she then avoids to mention that she spreads with perhaps more twists of the truth. We all know whatever people gossip it gets blown out of proportion. I do agree with Lydia that their friendship has changed since Jackie has joined the mix. However Chyka insists that she has heard about Lydia’s gossiping from various other people, nonetheless Jackie is the catalyst in this whole explosion. Even though nothing seems to have been resolved, I am happy they can move forward with their friendship.
We all arrive at the Waterfront for dinner and hope Lydia and Chyka will be able to join us after their chat.
Jackie confirms that her friendship with Lydia has no chance of recovery, she says: “Lydia is a very malicious person, and to go around spreading rumours, that can affect peoples families, relationships is so disgusting, so outrageous that I cant be friends with someone like that”.

We are all very happy to see Lydia and Chyka join us and it seems like they had settled their issues, however Jackie is not ready to let go and enjoy the night, she questions them if anything was said about her and with fists clenched she challenges Lydia to discuss it right then and right there. I smell trouble brewing and I knew we were in for a bumpy ride.

Lydia calls Jackie out on been a liar. I was half expecting Jackie to jump over the table and punch Lydia. She gets very defensive when she gets called a liar, almost to an unrealistic point. Why does Jackie get her back up, what does she have to prove? The people who preach the most are as guilty as sin. I have said it many times before and I will say it again and again and again that Jackie lies, so lets get that very clear. They are both a joke accusing each other of lying.

Jackie is now furious, her eyes are darting around her sockets and she is pulling all sorts of faces with her elbows on the table and takes her rage up another notch.

“You were out f***king blabbing your lips about other people, this one’s partner tries cracking on to you, this one’s partner is a f**king weirdo, this one’s a sex addict, this one had affirms because she had money because of her man, this one’s family is A, B, C, D & E, and you f**king tried to crack on to my husband.”
As I said before Lydia likes to repeat gossip, but some of the things Jackie was saying, I had never heard before in this group of women at all, so I don’t think there is much truth to all of what Jackie is saying.
I don’t think Jackie had any conscience of insulting our partners calling them old men. News flash Jackie Lots of old men with coin as you put it are with women fit to be their grand daughters. All I could do is laugh out loud at her suggestion.

No doubt Jackie thinks Ben is like Johnny F**king Depp and I understand her perception of that. But snapping at Gamble is pretty stupid.

I can’t keep up with the fighting, now Susie and Lydia are at each other. Someone here is a blatant liar, it is a joke how they seem to deny their history together, and we actually couldn’t help but laugh.
Jackie now wants to talk the real sh** and it is quite comical that Lydia mimics’ her.

But what came out of Jackie’s mouth was so damaging, even her friend Chyka was horrified that she would stoop so low, we were all dumbfounded and just blown away. “Lets talk about the affairs you have honey.” There was a stunned silence. She continues her destruction of Lydia and her marriage “I left you at the Logies, I walked out of his room and left you there.” Yes, what were you doing in (his) room Jackie? If Jackie left (his) room, what proof does she have that anything happened? Is this an assumption or did she witness an act of an affair?

During their friendship, Jackie had no issue joining Lydia and doing whatever they were doing in (his) room, but now that things are soured with their friendship, she has no problem revealing Lydia’s secrets. who knows if it is true, however they are huge allegations and can have severe repercussions on Lydia’s marriage. In my opinion what Jackie is doing is malicious, home wrecking and destroying a friend’s trust, everything Jackie has accused Lydia of doing. How can anyone trust Jackie in confidence ever again? Her current behaviour has predicted to me what her future behaviour will be, so I am not telling her anything period. Jackie looked furious when Lydia and Chyka walked in and announced that they had resolved their issues, I don’t think she likes anyone sorting friendships and moving forward, I remember she had a problem when Gamble and I hugged it out after our drama. Perhaps she does not like Lydia getting close to Chyka. No matter what her motive may be, I think it is very distasteful and damaging to Lydia’s reputation for Jackie to announce to the world about infidelity.

Can’t wait until the reunion!

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