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Kyle Richards Says “It's Very Hard To Get Close” To Yolanda Hadid!

Kyle Richards and Yolanda Hadid's friendship was put to the test this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as Kyle found herself involved in the Munchausen drama and she made some comments about the Dutch beauty's Instagram posts. Now that Season 6 has wrapped, where does the friendship between the two stand?

Kyle recently told Us Weekly that things are now "OK" between her and Yolanda, but mending their friendship hasn't been easy. "She’s been very hard to get close to," said Kyle. "I tried and made an effort, and I felt like it was never reciprocated. It’s very hard to get close to her."

Yolanda later defended her friendships on Twitter. "I am blessed with authentic [women] in my life that are close to me and have my back 24/7 #Trust #Loyalty #Friends," she tweeted in response to Kyle's comments Tuesday.

Though Kyle did say Yolanda is a "nice person," she didn't have kind words for Brandi Glanville after she said the RHOBH alum blocked her on Twitter for correcting a misspelled word in a tweet during the reunion.

Luckily, things between Kyle and her sister Kim Richards sound much better these days. Kyle said Kim is "happy and doing well and strong" and that she "would love" for Kim to return to RHOBH full-time next season. "I honestly think the show is even better with her on it," Kyle said. "My daughters, she’s their favorite Housewife! She says the funniest stuff."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo