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Jackie Gillies Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors And Dishes On Her Heated Confrontation With Lydia Schiavello!

Jackie Gillies is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Jackie Gillies dishes on confrontation with Lydia Schiavello and explains why she was frustrated with her plus denies being pregnant and reveals her favorite moments this season on RHOMelbourne.

Jackie writes:

"What a year?! Much more of a rollercoaster than past seasons, but let’s face it… it’s still the classic #RHOMelbourne that we’ve all come to know and love.

Let’s cut straight to the final scene of the series. Was I frustrated and angry with Lydia? Yes, I most certainly was! Should I have said she had an affair? No, I shouldn’t have. I’ve felt extremely remorseful since. BUT, there are solid reasons I felt pushed to that point – it had been festering for quite some time.

Ask yourself these questions that will help you understand what I have been bottling up (and if you’ve got to know my personality at all, you’ll know I can’t bottle anything up):

1. Have you ever been told a story or stories about a person or a number of people that are nasty and you would have preferred never to have heard them at all?

2. Have you ever been asked to lie for a “friend”? It’s an awful situation to be put in.

Well, Lydia did both to me.

Lydia needs to own what she has been saying about the other ladies and come clean. She told me stories and passed gossip about the other women that I’m not comfortable with. Chyka repeatedly reminds us that the stories and gossip from Lydia have come from several independent sources. Even Pettifleur confirms Lydia gossips!

As Gina said, when stories or gossip are passed to you, don’t spread them, “say nothing”! Passing gossip can be just as harmful as starting rumours.

I would never repeat what I was told by Lydia. I’m an honest, straight-up person so I felt I had to let the other women know Lydia had been saying awful stories about them.

If someone was passing nasty gossip about you or your family, especially if they are a so-called friend, wouldn’t you want to know? I know I would. So it seemed only fair to let the other women know so they have the chance to address it with Lydia directly. And let’s be really clear on something, I NEVER used the word “rumours”.

Lydia “feeling blamed” and using me as her scapegoat are simply defense mechanisms – owning up can be confronting. Her repeated denial during filming of the final scene was making me more frustrated and reminded me that her own brother had called her a trouble-maker.  It was the last straw for me.

Now that’s over…

Over all I had a blast this season!

The highlight would have to be our trip to Duabi. How lucky are we to be able to have such amazing experiences in such a unique location. Loved every moment.

Maybe it looks like I have a pot belly this year, but for anyone speculating, NO, I am not pregnant… yet! Ben and I have decided to start trying for a baby in the coming months. How exciting! Considering my nerves during the fertility check-up, I’m now really comfortable and excited at the prospect of becoming a mum. I’m sure my own Mother will be delighted! LOL

I’d like to finish by giving a HUGE shout out to the girls –  Suzie, Janet, Chyka, Gina, Gamble, Pettifluer and Lydia for all being so open and allowing the #RHOMelbourne fans into your lives on a much deeper level.

And a HUGE thank you to Matchbox and Foxtel for being so awesome!

Continue to join me in the fun on my social media! My handle across Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter is: JackieGilliesTV

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I hope you all enjoyed this season of #RHOMelbourne, lovers! Don’t forget your  to sip this summer


Jacks xo"

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena

Source/Photo Credit: Arena