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Sheree Whitfield Shares New Details About Her Upcoming Book!

Earlier this month, Sheree Whitfield teased on her Bravo Blog that she signed a book deal, but didn't reveal much else about the project. Now, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is sharing more details on her forthcoming novel with The Daily Dish, which is slated for Febraury 2017.

Tell us a bit more about the concept for your novel.

Sheree Whitfield: Reality television seems to be everyone's guilty pleasure; both men and women. There is an addictive connection the audience has with the cast members of these shows. I wanted to take those very things — characteristics/issues/feelings/emotions/trials and tribulations that play out before viewers' very eyes — and form characters and situations around them. So basically what I have done is created a reality show in print.

You described it as "juicy." Can you reveal what makes it that way?

It's thick with realistic situations, and at the same time, dripping with drama. And of course the setting is in Atlanta — Hotlanta, per the title — so even though some of the characters like to wear designer sunglasses, the readers won't need them, as there is plenty of shade being thrown in the pages of this book. After all, it's a reality show in print, and what's a good reality show without a little bit of shade throwing here and there? You know how Law & Order describes their episodes as "ripped from the news headlines"? Well, let's just say the story line of my novel was ripped from reality show headlines. And if you're wondering if I'm referring to RHOA, let's just say if you pick the right Georgia peach, it can be quite juicy.

How did you come up with the idea for the story?

I'm certainly not the first reality cast member to pen a book, but the majority who have, have penned non-fiction/more personal pieces about their lives. Well, heck, you get to see my life play out every week, so there is no need for me to recap that, right? But it's those things you don't get to see that I've used as a template for this book.

Have you always wanted to pursue a career in writing novels?

I have to admit that, yes, I've wanted to pursue a career in writing for quite some time, but not necessarily a novel. I saw myself doing a self-help book of some sort in regards to health and fitness. But once I put pen to paper, the pen had a life of its own and went in its own direction. And I followed.

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo