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Lisa Vanderpump Says ‘Dubai Was An Awful Experience’ And Calls Out Eileen Davidson And Lisa Rinna On Their ‘Mean Girl’ Behavior!

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Vanderpump thinks Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson have clearly been doing a lot of talking. Lisa writes:

"Well hello once more...Firstly, thank you for supporting our passion and fight against Yulin. It is greatly appreciated. Now to this week's episode...

I was becoming increasingly irritated, and I was exhausted by the negativity that has spewed from this woman for weeks now. I sincerely have no understanding of what I said to ED being so reprehensible that it would provoke so much negativity. However the nastiness that had ensued was contaminating our group. Dubai was an awful experience...apart from the sea lion party and dressing in our MOO moos, it was pretty damn negative.

I had noticed a coldness from LR and ED but had not an inkling of what lay ahead. I am culpable for inadvertently making a statement that hit a nerve, I am culpable for investing in a friendship with LR, and even supported her as she had an outrageous physical outburst and sent threatening texts to somebody struggling with addiction.

I have no comprehension how a year later...a year...LR can conjure up the ridiculous assertion that she was manipulated into going shopping in Amsterdam. If we cast our minds back, it was a fractious situation after the explosive dinner, and hypothetically, if it would've been me, I would've welcomed the fact that anybody would've wanted to spend time with me at all.

I lament my choice to be so supportive at that time, but hindsight is 20/20. Foresight would've been better.

A text had been sent from LR (I bring this up at the reunion), to Kyle and I that was extremely aggressive towards YF, questioning why YF wouldn't go to NY to see her kids in a fashion show but could go to accept an award for Lyme, a rant that was asking for a response as she was unduly concerned in regard to YF's choices. It seems much enrages LR that has little to do with her, as we have seen in regard to YF not being present at the disastrous EJ dinner. She stated she was "enraged" by that, she was also enraged by a picture with YF and BG at lunch. Nt a lot "enrages" me, so go figure.

I responded I had no thoughts I was willing to share with her, as she would accuse me of "manipulating" her, LOL. I was being sarcastic but really didn't feel comfortable engaging in this tone of conversation with LR. She responded, "I can only be manipulated if I am manipulable, and I want your thoughts." I curtly responded, "OK you want my thoughts?...I don't like this one iota." And that is when everything shifted between LR and me. I believe when I chose not to support LR’s accusations against Yolanda, she then began targeting me. Kyle also defended YF as she was also still included in the group text. I have to say LR should've been grateful I had such loyalty to her and didn't show YF the lengthy text which was pretty nasty and unfairly judgemental.

I think she felt alone in her assertions regarding YF and somehow wanted to include all of us. I absolutely have been guilty of occasionally remarking on sick selfies that had been shown to me or we had seen on Twitter and didn't really understand her actions regarding her illness, so many inconsistencies were baffling to say the least. But I had no problem in saying that to her face.

So clearly much has been discussed between the soap actresses, with one evidently wearing a director's hat, orchestrating discussions to be brought to the forefront, discussions of subjects that had transpired many months ago. I was naive as I had no idea until now how aggressively the soap actress pursued her mouthpiece...Shameful, but I suppose she is that kind of woman. She won't stop until she gets what she wants...Boom.

When LR came to the house with the intention of meeting the ponies, then brought out her phone, which took Kyle and I by surprise as she voiced the Munchausen verbage. If I had been "thrilled at her exposing the Munchausen comment," why would I have said, "We shouldn't be talking about this..."? She would've responded, so no, she was on her own in that decision. I don't appreciate her spinning something. She said it, she should own it. We know it is being documented for all to see. It was a conscious decision that she made. I tried to diffuse the situation in my confessionals in her defense, saying she repeated something rather than manifested it.

As she relayed the diagnosis, she said, "We have all been talking about this," and I remember thinking "Oh geez...where is this going?"

She then says as she left that I said to her, "Why don't you drag Kyle into it?"

I absolutely remember thinking, oh no, she is going to drag all of us into it, but especially Kyle, as they had more interaction by text (lighthearted banter from Kyle that had sometimes been forwarded to me).

We never supported the theory of Munchausen's, because although her actions were strange--her constant sick selfies and endless treatments--she had been diagnosed with Lyme disease. I believed Munchausen to be when you manufacture an illness.

I do remember saying to LR outside, as she was overexcited, one should speak from their own perspective. She agreed with me and admits that in Dubai that doesn't correlate with, "Why don't you drag Kyle into it?"

Kyle was in my house, 30 feet away as I said goodbye to LR, so as if I would say, "Hey,I think you should drag Kyle into this hot mess, yes excellent idea, she is right over there..." Anyway, I went back inside, still reeling from the conversations that afternoon. Kyle and I discussed what had transpired, as we were still aghast at LR's statement regarding Munchausen. I then told Kyle I THOUGHT LR was going to drag her into it...and told her as much. I would not have told Kyle that if I had just suggested to LR to include her.

Doesn't make sense. I love Kyle, and I don't understand why she would say that I said to her, "I just told LR to drag you into it." It was a contentious issue, and if I had stated that to Kyle, it would've been a problem for sure.

Two words can drastically change the meaning of a statement..."I thought" and "Why don't " make a huge difference, but in retrospect, not a lot does with LR. She seems to have rage and regret syndrome--gets easily carried away then thinks later.

How does one come to a conclusion about an issue a year ago regarding Amsterdam or a conversation months ago that had never been discussed since...?

I think somebody, rather than something, seems to be the genesis of her actions. Watch closely, then you decide. I thank many of you for your continual support, which I have embraced, but I can't seem to erase the memories of those few days. It was deplorable actions of grown women behaving in a way that I taught my children not to, bullying mean girl mentality.

So until next week when things become even more heated, I send love and positivity for a productive week. As always Love Lisa."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo