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Lisa Rinna: “I Own The Fact That I Brought Up The Munchausen”

Lisa Rinna is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Rinna says there's one thing Yolanda Hadid got very wrong at Kyle Richards' party.. Lisa writes:

"We did it! We made it through all 20 episodes and, as expected, we are all barely hanging on by a thread emotionally. After seeing some of the recent blogs, it appears that some of us may not be doing as well as others and are lashing out and hitting below the belt. For a woman who works 18 hours a day, has 250 employees, three shows on Bravo, three restaurants, eight dogs, five swans, two tiny horses, two grown kids and a 70-year-old husband to take the time she took to write that mean blog last week…WOW!

Eileen is a such a good, solid human being and friend, and she absolutely does not deserve any of this.

Ok, ok. I know I already said I’m as sick as you are with this same sh-- being hashed and rehashed again. But here’s the thing: I watch along with you and when I see this whole game of “telephone” spin wildly out of control and we watch someone, tonight being Yolanda, relay incorrect information, I feel like I need to bring it back down to the basic facts and truths:

• My longtime hairdresser, Faye Woods, and I had a discussion about Munchausen. She told me she knew someone who had Munchausen and, given what she’d seen on the show and online, she felt Yolanda’s actions were quite similar. That was when I first looked up the “M” word.

• I passed this information along to Kyle one night when we had sushi at Shu. We spoke of the conversation I had with Faye Woods and we discussed Yolanda’s Instagram pics. There was no ill intent on either of our parts and again, I am telling you, I am the one who brought this topic to the girls. I have not and will not pass blame about this within our group. I was the one to bring the “M” word, not LVP as Yolanda said at Kyle’s party.

• At some point, the conversation Kyle and I had at Shu was relayed to LVP because, she knew Kyle and I had discussed the pics and the “M” word.

• While we were at dinner in Malibu at the Malibu Farm, the night Kyle invited all of us to Dubai, LVP said she had never spoken to me on the phone, and I can say without a doubt that she has indeed called me…many times! Let’s break that down a bit. In one phone bill cycle, I spoke to LVP on the phone 10 times and within a specific 24-hour period, she called me five times to infer that others knew I had brought up the “M” word and further hinted that, in her opinion, I should, sooner or later, admit this.

• I think this explains why LVP ran out after me asking why I hadn’t dragged Kyle into it. Kyle and I had discussed the “M” word at dinner before LVP knew anything about it. I brought up the “M” word, but it seems that maybe that wasn’t enough to satisfy LVP. Why would she feel the need to come out after me and ask why I hadn’t brought Kyle into it, and then run to Kyle saying "Whew, I thought Lisa Rinna was going to bring YOU into it"?

• To me, it seems LVP really wanted Kyle to take the heat along with me. But WHY?

Like I said, if I could do it all over again, I would have gone directly to Yolanda and handled it privately with her. Another big lesson learned here.

Instead, and rather unfortunately, we watched this whole thing take on a life of its own. I own my part in it and simply wanted others to own their own parts as well. That will probably never, ever happen, but I can sleep well knowing I’ve owned my part.

Once and for all, I own the fact that I brought up the Munchausen, I’m the one that used the word Munchausen, nobody else used the word Munchausen and absolutely nobody accused Yolanda of having Munchausen. I brought it up, and then it took a life of its own.

This topic has now been put to bed. Well, until next week when we discuss it approximately 892 different ways during the reunion! *sigh*

Let’s talk about some of tonight’s highlights and go out on a good note.

• Vinny is hilarious while he’s getting the Dubai recap from Eileen. The mix of confusion, annoyance, and amusement on his face is everything. Of course he doesn’t have these types of issues with his friends and when he asks Eileen if she wants his opinion on the matter and she simply says, “No!” This just cracked me up! Similar conversations have been known to happen between Harry Hamlin and myself.

• Erika and Camille talking to Kathryn about her being LVP’s new spokesperson for the Vanderpump kool-aid brand was hysterical. It’s true though! That position has been filled by many, and I am happy to say that I am thrilled to have quit the LVP head cheerleader position before I drank any of that infamous kool-aid. Have fun in your new Vanderpump kool-aid CEO position, Kathryn! Hope the compensation is worth it!

• Meanwhile, back at the disco, Ken had some real choice names to call me! In one conversation, he managed to call me: f---ing stupid bitch, silly cow, not the full ticket, and a wanker. I actually find this rather amusing because YOU KNOW I Googled the definition of “wanker.” Go ahead. You do it, too. I promise you’ll get a good laugh by the first definition you see.

On a more serious note, I want to express my empathy and sadness about the demise of Yolanda and David’s marriage. It’s heartbreaking, and it’s sad, but I know that Yolanda is a very strong woman and will come out on the other side better than ever thanks to all of the love and support she has surrounding her. As I have said before, Yolanda’s behavior has been confusing to me and, more than once, I had the feeling that something might be going on that we didn’t know about. I sensed that Yolanda wasn’t fully connecting her head to her heart, at least when we were around her. As unfortunate as the entire situation is, it makes more sense to me now, and I wish only peace and happiness for both Yolanda and David.

So, that’s a wrap on Season 6. What I have taken away from all of this is the fact that my bullsh-- meter is alive and well and it is my natural instinct to call out bullsh-- when I see it. The downside really is that nobody likes having their bullsh-- called out and it adversely affects the friendship and the whole group. I miss having fun with these women, and that is what I treasure so much about my female friendships.

We’ve gone way off course, and I hope to be able to get back to having fun again, because this sh-- is a drag.

Now we head into the reunion… See you there, hope you have your flack jackets on! I have mine ready to go!


What do you think about Lisa’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo