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Jackie Gillies Dishes On Drama In Dubai And Explains Why She Finally Confronted Lydia Schiavello!

Jackie Gillies is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Jackie Gillies dishes on the drama in Dubai and explains why she called out Lydia Schiavello for gossiping about the other ladies' back. Jackie writes:

"Here we go. EP 9.

And we’re straight in…

PF might be acting up during our amazingly unique dinner in the middle of the Dubai desert (seriously, I feel SO lucky to be able to have such an incredible experience #gratitude), but to be honest, deep down I think PF is loving the attention. That’s her Shtick. NO one is being mean, we’re simply trying to relate to her on ANY level, but she is so self obssessed it’s hard to find any common ground outside of PF. Empathy isn’t a word in PF’s self-proclaimed humongous vocabulary. I applaud Gina for trying to reason with her, but It’s a waste of time trying to reason with an unaware narcissist. We’ve all tried and failed. The woman is a master at playing the #VictimCard. Gina… One of your shining moments in the entire series to date. The dinner was a 70/30 split between enjoying myself and classic housewives drama.

The Keebaugh’s crack me up. They are the best. They’re like Ben and my family in Melbourne. One things for sure, they’re a family committed to international globe-trotting. BJ is looking very chum going from the youth hostels of Europe to the opulence of the Atlantis. Tough gig. I hope it’s up to your standards, BJ! And what DID you get up to in Amsterdam?! We all want to know!

Dubai is famous for its shopping. From the top world designers in the mall of Dubai, to the street markets with elaborate locally made delicacies, there’s something for everyone. It’s not just shopping… it’s an entire sensory experience. Gina and I were definitely lapping up the abundance of ‘woggy chick’ gold LMAO!

The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding was definitely a highlight. I love the deep spirituality!

Nasif was so fun. I think Janet especially liked Nasif  LOL. Housewives isn’t all drama, it’s an educational program as well. There are a lot of misconceptions on what is and isn’t PC in Dubai. It was nice to hear from Nasif that they are not as strict as we originally thought. Packing for the trip was stressful. I thought I needed to be covered from head to toe whenever I was in public, but as Nasif says, that isn’t the case. The food looks GREAT! Season 4: #TentWives … all with the same husband. I cannot imagine what that would be like.

It’s dinner time and PF is straight at it again! #VictimCardNarcissist. (Off camera) We had actually hugged it out and moved on, but once the cameras start rolling, PF is continuously gunning for attention. It’s getting boring and draining. Being shown yourself in a mirror can be very confronting, and I believe that’s what happening here. PF is hearing the truth about how people see and perceive her, and it’s confronting, but maybe she needs to have this experience to grow as a human and learn some humility.

Gina, Gamble… this is on both of you. Pick up the phone and talk. That simple. A friendship is making effort to stay in touch. You both love each other.


Why am I so angry with Lydia? It’s a combo. Most of all because she burdened me with hurtful malicious stories about people that frankly, I’d preferred never to have heard at all. She has criticised my upbringing and the city I grew up in. She tried to poison Gina and I against each other in season 1.  She kicked off the BS between PF and Gamble this year. It has all just been festering. It’s all wrong and I’m frustrated that she keeps playing the denial #DumbandDumber card.

Who has bad energy?

How’s all of your new famous friends, Lydia? #FlipFlopper

It’s seems Lydia’s lose lipping around Melbourne is old news to this group of women, but it’s all very new to me.  I am close with Chyka, and it’s the stories about her that have been the icing on the cake to push me to blow up. I will NEVER repeat what Lydia has said, but I believe she needs to face the music. Maybe it will teach her a lesson and she will stop and think before she speaks about other people. Denial is an insult.

I apologies for saying the #Pička word.

… and the drama continues. It’s Housewives, baby!

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Hope you’re all enjoying this season of Housewives, lovers! Don’t forget your #LaMascaraHighTea to sip while you’re watching 😉


Jacks xo"

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena

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