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Scheana Shay Opens Up About Her Husband Shay's Sobriety And Shares Her Thoughts On Part 1 Of The Vanderpump Rules Reunion!

In a recent interview with Bravo, Scheana Shay talks about this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules. Scheana Shay opens up about Shay and his sobriety and shares her thoughts on part one of the #PumpRules reunion. Check it out below! This was a difficult season for you and Shay. At the reunion Andy brought up the fact that you faced a lot of backlash on social media when it came to how you handled Shay's sobriety. Is there anything you said or did this season that you regret?

Scheana Shay: I don't like to have regrets. I live and learn and I learned a lot this year watching the show back and seeing the negative feedback. I will say that I'm thankful for how hard this past year was because it humbled me and made me look at things from an outside perspective. A lot of things I said were taken out of context and that was extremely frustrating. I never meant to come off as unsupportive or uneducated. Shay said over summer that he would NOT stop drinking, so I was doing my best to try and keep it in control. I'm not an expert at this. I was just trying to be a wife who supported her husband's decisions and tried to better the outcome. Shay reveals that he's been completely sober for 3 months, which is really amazing. Do you think that's had a positive impact on your relationship?

SS: Absolutely! We've been the happiest we've ever been. Everything about our relationship is just sexier and better than ever! Were you surprised that both Jax and Lala apologized for the way they talked about your relationship with Shay and his sobriety?

SS: Not surprised. It was owed. Jax apologized the second the episode aired and he knew how upset we were. Jax and I have years of a friendship and I was really hurt by him. Lala apologized because she was out of line. She spoke publicly about a situation she had ZERO knowledge of. After I let her have it at the After Show I think she knew she owed me an apology. Even though Kristen has apologized to Ariana, both Ariana and Tom didn't believe it was genuine. Do you think Kristen's apology was genuine?

SS: I do. A year ago I may have felt differently, but since then Kristen and I have gotten closer I definitely see a positive change in her attitude and behavior. Therapy looks good on her! Sandoval also said that he's at peace with Kristen, what's your take on that?

SS: I don't think he will ever FULLY be at peace with Kristen. It's natural. She's his ex.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo