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Jackie Gillies Responds To Gina Liano's Claim That She’s A Victim Of Bad Editing On RHOMelbourne: “Is The Oldest Trick In The Book!”

Jackie Gillies is taking to social media to respond to Gina Liano's claim that she was badly edited during this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. "U can't fake #RHOMelbourne Blaming production @MatchboxPics @Foxtel when ur not happy with your portrayal is the oldest trick in the book!," wrote Gillies.

It all went down when Liano received backlash from her co-stars for leaving early during her bestie's Gamble Breaux's pre-wedding cocktail party to allegedly host a viewing party of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia, which Liano was a contestant.

After the episode aired, Liano did an interview with The Herald Sun and accused the show's producers of manipulating events during the episode to make her look bad. Claiming that the whole incident was blown out of proportion and the truth was twisted.

“I had 100 questions for the celebrant at the meeting but production asked me to read the tweets out about Celebrity Apprentice, which I did,”said Liano. “So they filmed me scrolling through my phone and looking so self absorbed and showed that, not all the questions I had. You can see when I’m talking the camera isn’t on me, they have edited my voice over. I’m very disappointed, I’m not impressed by it.”

Liano responded to Gillies tweet, thinking it was about how her assistant Josh is being portrayed on the show. "Josh off camera is not Josh on camera. Think you're wrong this time around xxx," she responded.

Gina thought it was about her assistant since during the same interview, she stuck up for her 22-year-old personal assistant Josh Cunial, who she says producers have made him out to look stupid.

“He is a 22-year-old kid who is finding his own feet, and they have exploited him to make him look like his is daft,” she said. “That’s a big pill to swallow for a kid who is just starting his career, who is nothing like how they have portrayed him.”

However, Jackie made it clear that her tweet was about her, not her assistant Josh. "@Gina_Liano talking about housewives only," Jackie responded.

But how does Gina's bestie Gamble Breaux feel about the whole situation? The newly bride shared her thoughts on social media, responding to Gillies tweet, siding with her. "We all have good days, we all have bad days! I'm with @JackieGilliesTV on this one!," wrote Gamble.

I really hope that Gamble and Gina's friendship is not affected by this. All I have to say is I'm so ready for the reunion.

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Photo Credit: Foxtel