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Gizelle Bryant Thinks Katie Rost Is Obsessed With Her!

In a recent interview with Bravo, Gizelle Bryant talks about this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Gizelle Bryant still can't believe she saw Michael grab Andrew's behind, and is starting to think that Katie Rost wants to take a dip in her lady pond. Check it out below! Are you surprised that your daughters want you dating? Tell us about broaching that convo with your girls.

Gizelle Bryant: It's no secret that my three girls are my EVERYTHING. For so long my energy and attention has been completely focused on them. However, as they get older they realize that Mommy isn't married and most mommies (in their world) have a husband. I have been dating and I don't ever want to bring someone around them and they're not ready. It is such a great feeling to know that my kids really love me and they want to see me happy. They also think a boyfriend means that I won't be paying them so much attention, but they have no idea, boyfriend or not... Mommy has eyes in the back of her head at all times. What were you thinking when you saw Michael grab Andrew’s butt? 

GB: Charrisse Jackson Jordan's party was a blast, great food, great people, the music was phenomenal. As I was busting my famous two step, I never in a MILLION years thought I would be able to utter the words in my head, "Michael is Charmin toilet paper SQUEEZING Andrew's butt on the dance floor." I said to myself, "Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing"..."No, say it ain't so"... "Golly gee wilikers"..."Now ain't this some nonsense."  Well, I jumped immediately into girlfriend mode and told Michael to stop because Ashley Darby would not appreciate the squeezing not being on her butt. Or so I thought... Tell us about the conversation with Katie and Ashley after the butt grabbing. Were you surprised everything got so heated?

GB: Typically when I tell one of my girlfriends that her husband is on the dance floor squeezing men's butts (not that this has EVER happened before) the reaction is a little bit different. More along the lines of, "OH HEEELLLLL NO," there is a whole lot of hands flaring, neck rolling, fingers pointing while still screaming "OH HEEEELLLL NOOOOOOO." I NEVER thought that Ashley's immediate response would be, "Oh, he was just joking." I just really, really, really wanted Ashley to understand that NO ONE was laughing. What do you think about Katie Rost’s comments that you have an “obsession” with race?

GB: I never asked Ashley and Katie if Michael squeezing Andrew's butt was a "white thing"...that was Robyn's question. However, Katie of course asks herself if Gizelle is obsessed with race because she's obsessed with ME. Every other word out of Katie's mouth is Gizelle. Gizelle, Gizelle, Gizelle..I'm starting to think that not only is she obsessed with me, but Katie REALLY wants to take a big dip into MY lady pond. HA!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo