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Charrisse Jackson Jordan On Katie Rost: “I Felt That She Was On An Island Alone And Wasn’t Being Supported”

In a recent interview with Bravo, Charrisse Jackson Jordan talks about this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Charrisse Jackson Jordan admits that she would have left Ashley Darby's home if she could, and find out why she reveals her love of 'No Scrubs.' Check it out below! What were you thinking when Katie Rost pulled over to the side of the road? Tell us about your moment in the car supporting her on the way to getting crabs.

Charrisse Jackson Jordan: I wasn’t quite sure what to think when Katie pulled over. I was just hoping I had nothing to do with it. We were all laughing and joking around and I thought perhaps it may have gone too far at her expense. Clearly, it was all in fun and not meant to make her feel bad. After all, why should she? Most women would’ve love to have had the chance to date some of the people she’s dated. I give her credit…No Scrubs for Ms. Katie! Yes, TLC… I am going to play that song right now. (Listening to the song). She definitely wasn’t having someone on the passenger side of his best friend’s ride trying to holler at her! Lol!

When going to get the crabs I realized that Katie was okay, but I really wanted her to know that she has friends at least with Brynee and myself that are there for her. I felt that she was on an island alone and wasn’t being supported. I honestly was feeling bad for her. I learned that is just how she navigates being raised as an only child. I grew up the youngest of eight and don’t know what that feels like but can sympathize with her. Moving forward, I will appoint myself her big sister. I guess now she is an aunt being that Ashley Darby is my appointed niece. Yay! One big crazy family. Why were you so upset about the accommodations - had there been rooms available would you have really left?  

CJJ: First, let me say kudos and thank you to Ashley for inviting this challenging crew to her beach house. I am not a beach bunny in any stretch of the imagination. I hate being in the sun because with all this youth going on in me, I am hot all the time (private summers). Lol. The room situation. The ROOM SITUATION! Personally, I would’ve given my guests the option of sharing a room or other accommodations in the area. I understand her thought process in terms of pairing us based on friendship, but that ideology works well with kids, not grown women. What if I had a private summer in the middle of the night, stripped unknowingly and woke up naked  and someone else is in the next bed? Imagine sharing a room with someone and you open your eyes to your naked friend in the next bed. Not a good look! I definitely would’ve stayed in a hotel if they weren’t booked. I tried to call Uber to take me back home but couldn’t get one. But I am glad I stayed and managed to keep my pj’s on. As a hostess with the most-ess, what did you think of Ashley’s hosting skills? 

CJJ: In terms of hosting, Ashley is a gem with a great heart. However, the next time Ashley needs advice on organizing gatherings call the pro….That would be Charrisse with two r's. I will ensure that ALL of your guests are happy and not just MYSELF. Tell us about opening up to the group about Eddie and your troubles. What did you think of Gizelle Bryant’s advice? 

CJJ: Here we go again with my marriage. I thought we discussed that enough. The whole point of the Sister Circle is to share something about yourself, not get all up in someone else’s stuff. It is a sensitive topic for me and the whole point of getting away was not to think about it. My marriage is not the only thing going on in my life. Maybe next time I will be able to share what I want to, share what’s on my heart. This was the first time the ladies had done this, so next time they will understand how it is supposed to work. It’s really a great thing. Though some of the ladies were able to open up, I hope we have an opportunity to do it again the right way. No agendas. Just a real experience that is amazing!

I love my friend Gizelle, but our marital situations are VERY different. I dated my husband for the length of her marriage. The reason she opted to divorce is in a whole other category vs. what I am dealing with. She doesn’t know my husband to have an opinion one way or the other. However, I do appreciate her concern if it is coming from a good place, but there isn’t one rule to marriage or divorce. Every situation is different. Until you have walked in someone’s shoes you can’t tell him/her what they should do. If I listened to all the unwarranted advice people gave me over my years on this earth, I probably would’ve been single and a virgin my entire life (I could rock the nun thing :0). I do appreciate her genuine love and concern. But, when it comes to deciding what’s best for me and my family, thanks but no thanks.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo