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Real Housewives Of Cheshire Star Dawn Ward ‘Punched’ Pop Singer Sinitta, Court Hears!

Dawn Ward appeared in court, after being accused of assaulting Sinitta. According to the lawsuit, the Real Housewives of Cheshire star threatened to glass the pop singer with a champagne flute before hitting her during a argument in a London restaurant.

Dawn Ward, the wife of former Premier League footballer Ashley Ward, threw a napkin at the singer during reconciliation talks over an argument about rumors of a friend's infidelities, the court was told.

Sinitta Malone, a close friend of Simon Cowell, said she was left "humiliated and embarrassed" after the heated excange when Ward called her a "bitch" and told her to pay the bill for the champagne.

However, Ward denies assaulting the So Macho singer. But Westminster Magistrates' Court heard how Sinitta only went to police after Ward's solicitors threatened to sue her for libel over a series of tweets, reports The Sun.

"She was angry about what I was saying. She was getting angry and stood up and shoved me. First of all she struck me in my chest, second time hitting me on the face," said Sinitta.

"I was really embarrassed. There was lots of shouting and swearing. I was trying to save face and diffuse everything. The second time I don't know if she was deliberately trying to hit me."

"I was so humiliated and embarrassed because she was shouting out rude things about my friends and family. She was aggressive, she was intimidating she was telling me to shut my effing mouth.

Sinitta continued, "At one point she threatened to put the glass in my face if I didn't shut up. It was a champagne glass because they were drinking champagne."

She claims she was then left to pick up the bill after Ward stormed out.

"She said 'you can buy my champagne bitch,'" added Sinitta.

Lisa Judge, for the defence, said the meeting arose following some "tittle tattle" about infidelity at an event on March 5 at the Revive beauty salon in Cheshire.

Sinitta first tweeted about the attack some 23 days later, the court heard. Miss Judge claims Sinitta only went to the police after receiving a threatening letter from lawyers.

Christian Wheeliker opened the case for the prosecution and said: "It's not disputed the argument in the restaurant took place but whether any physical contact took place and whether or not Miss Ward punched the complainant or threatened to glass her in this meeting is.

"Miss Malone insists a punch, Miss Proud suggests it was contact with Miss Malone's face with her hand."

Ward denied one count of assault by beating following the incident on April 1 last year.

The case was postpone until June 10 when the prosecution case will conclude and Ward is expected to give evidence.

Source/Photo Credit: The Sun, Manchester Evening News