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Is Foxtel Expanding Australia’s ‘Real Housewives’ Franchise To Brisbane?!

Last year we report that Foxtel was going to be expanding the Real Housewives franchise in Australia by adding new cities. We also reported that Foxtel was working on adding The Real Housewives of Sydney, but according to a new report a new city may also be in the works.

According to Courier Mail, the producers of the hit reality series, Real
Housewives of Melbourne are scouting for talent in the Queensland capital, Brisbane.

Gamble Breaux from The Real Housewives of Melbourne opened up about the move to take the Housewives’ franchise national in Australia.

“There may be some competition, Real Housewives of Brisbane, Real Housewives of Sydney and Real Housewives of New Zealand,” said the blonde bombshell.

“It is natural progression to have the sister cities doing it. Brisbane women are fabulous, so who knows, we will wait and see,” added Breaux.

Gamble said she was helping producers look for talent in her original home of Sydney while another of her cast mates, believed to be Janet Roach who previously lived in the Sunshine State, was helping with casting in Queensland.

Possible cast may include Georgia Barclay, Janelle Mulder, Dale Olsson, Nicole Tilse, Laurel Edwards and Carole Haddad (pictured above).

Local socialite and hairstylist to the stars Carole Haddad said Brisbane would be the perfect location to film the show.

“We may not have as much money as the women in Sydney or Melbourne, but we definitely have more fun,” Haddad said.

“We would show them how its done and those producers would be saying “Gina Liano Who”.
Laurel Edwards, a radio presenter and wife of country music legend Troy Cassar Daley, said she
thought Brisbane ladies would offer something uniquely Queensland to the franchise.

“I think Brisbane women are more casual and fun loving,” Edwards said.

As we previously reported, RHOMelbourne producers are working on The Real Housewives of Sydney and also expanding the franchise to New Zealand with The Real Housewives of Auckland.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Foxtel's Arena!

Source/Photo Credit: Courier Mail, Mark Cranitch