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Vanderpump Rules Stars James Kennedy And Lala Kent Banned From WWHL By Andy Cohen Following Messy Appearance!

Last week, Vanderpump Rules stars James Kennedy and Lala Kent appeared on Watch What Happens Live, and let's just say their visit to the Bravo Clubhouse did not go smoothly. The SURvers couldn't control their potty mouths during the episode, so much so that host Andy Cohen looked visibly annoyed and scolded them for their behavior.

“Is there any way you could stop cussing? I swear to God," Andy said as James and Lala played a game called "Who's That Man Getting a Tan?" "You’re driving me nuts. I’m not kidding. It’s happened like eight times.”

Now the WWHL host is opening up about why James and Lala irked him so.

"I was really excited about having them on the show, especially James because he’s been so entertaining on Vanderpump Rules this season. And he was really excited about being on. The bummer is that I talked to him before the show, and he said, ‘I’m so excited about being on the show. I didn’t sleep last night. I’m so excited,’" said Andy. "And then, it was just gross. They didn’t stop cursing, and I was really irritated. The viewers hated it. They were cursing so much, whoever our censor is, they’re very liberal, and every time you say a curse word, they block out the sentence before, the sentence after, so it’s like the whole episode was on mute. And it was very irritating. And it just left a really bad taste in my mouth.”

Andy also revealed that he had to break the bad news to James and Lala's boss, Lisa Vanderpump. “She texted me that night and said, ‘I don’t have a TV. What happened?’" Andy said. "I texted her back and said, ‘Let me put it this way. They made Jax [Taylor] and Kristen [Doute] look like Michelle and Barack Obama.’”

Lala and James both took to Twitter following their appearance on WWHL to apologize to Andy.

However, that may have been too little, too late. Though Andy acknowledged that the Vanderpump Rules stars did apologize, he also said they wouldn't be allowed back on WWHL in the future.

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo