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Teresa Giudice's Lawyer James Leonard Jr. Explains The Terms Of Her Home Confinement!

Teresa Giudice was released from the federal prison early Wednesday morning on December 23, where she had been serving time for multiple counts of fraud since January 5. Following her release, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star will serve the remainder of her 15-month sentence from home with her family on what is known as home confinement.

Ahead of Wednesday's release,  spoke to Teresa's lawyer, James J. Leonard Jr., dishes about about her next steps.

"There's been a lot of speculation. She will not be going to a halfway house. She has been approved for supervision on what's known as the Federal Location Monitoring Program. That is a component of her home confinement," Leonard Jr. told The Daily Dish, before breaking down exactly what that means for the Bravo reality star.

"So basically what will happen is when she gets home she's obviously got to spend some time with her family, her children, and then a little bit later in the day on the 23rd, we are going to — she and I — are going to meet with people from probation and they are going to explain the rules to her of the Federal Location Monitoring Program as well as home confinement," he explained. "They are also going to give her the electronic monitoring bracelet that she has to wear until, I believe, it's February 5."

Even with the anklet on, Teresa will be able to leave her home.

"She will be free to work. She will be free to tend to medical and legal appointments, and she will be free to otherwise travel outside of her home as long as she receives permission from the Federal Location Monitoring Program," Leonard Jr. said. That means that Teresa and her team "will be asking for passes for her to be able to leave to do certain things and those passes, if they are approved, she will able to do things she needs to."

Leonard, Jr. further noted that whatever else is required of Teresa, including meetings with probation officers or other officials, she is more than ready for.

"The truth is we are here to be 100 percent fully compliant with their programs, with their rules," he said. "So whatever they ask of us we will accommodate them."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo