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Stassi Schroeder Opens Up About Her Battle With Psoriasis With Makeup-Free Selfie!

Vanderpump Rules' former SURver Stassi Schroeder let fans in on her battle with Psoriasis with a makeup free selfie. "Having one of those days where Psoriasis is taking over my life. So many of you ask what makeup I use because it 'looks' like I have flawless skin. I don't," she wrote on Instagram.

"And these patches are an effing bitch to cover up and make me feel ugly all the time. So here ya go, a no make up selfie. Feel beautiful today, girls. We all have our issues."

Stassi hopes that by sharing her condition in such a public way, she might be able to inspire others to embrace themselves, flaws and all. Her decision to candidly open up about her struggle left fans cheering her on. "Your skin isn't perfect, neither's mine. Frustrating, but u really are a beautiful girl. No make up, bare skin, flaws and all," one follower wrote on Instagram. Another follower added, "I didn't notice your skin @stassischroeder I noticed your eyes first. Us P sufferers are good at covering up."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo