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Shannon Beador On Meghan King Edmonds: “She's Ballsy And She Has No Fear”

To say that Meghan King Edmonds is trying to uncover Brooks Ayers cancer diagnosis is an understatement. As most of the ladies question Vicki Gunvalson's boyfriend's illness on the latest season of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Beador shares her thoughts on Edmonds' 'detective' work.

"I tell you, she's got some CIA/FBI in her blood. That's for sure," Shannon told Wetpaint. "She's ballsy and she has no fear. Do I think that she's crossed the line a few times? Yeah, I do. I wouldn't do it. But, she did and shes come up with some stuff."

Shannon notes that as the season progresses "more and more things come out," adding, "I think that in real life the only people that know the true answers are God, Brooks, and Vicki [Gunvalson]."

In fact, with each episode, Shannon, too, has become more skeptical of Brooks.

"You know I was in agreement with Vicki at the very beginning, saying 'Absolutely not! Why would you have to prove an illness with medical records?' But at this point because it has spiraled so out of control, I mean that's what's going to shut everyone up and shut them down and say 'OK, he is ill.' At this point, my advice to her is you need to bring something out," she said. "Just one little report. You don’t have to bring the notebook with all the tabs we’ve heard about just pull one sheet out of it.”

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo