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Juliet Angus: “Julie, AKA “Loose Lips” As We Like To Call Her, Didn’t Do Me Any Favors”

In a recent interview with Bravo, Juliet Angus talks about this week's episode of Ladies of London. Juliet Angus shares her side of the "wipe the floor" debacle and reveals what really happened between her and Caroline Stanbury. Check it out below! Were you surprised that Julie told Annabelle about your “wipe the floor with you” exchange with Caroline? How did that make you feel and why? 

Juliet Angus: After New Year’s I ran into Julie at the gym and in passing I told her that I told Caroline she needed to do some apologizing and that she then shouted, “I’ll wipe the floor with you if you think I’m going apologize for doing something wrong.” I told Julie to call me later and that I’d tell her the rest of the conversation; my intention was always to tell Julie the whole conversation I had with Caroline, but we never got a chance to speak again until I saw her the next day at lunch with Annabelle.

What I wanted to finish telling Julie as personal advice was that I addressed Caroline and told her with how I felt. I know Caroline was just having fun on New Year’s, but she has always been quick to point out when I’m wrong and tell me that there are certain ways of doing things in England. Her actions were harmless, but she was acting out that night. It needed to be addressed and a simple apology would’ve been the easiest thing. What ended up bothering me the most on NYE was how dismissive Caroline was about even the possibility that she did anything wrong. Plus Caroline and Sophie on top of it all were just trying to rile me up. All Caroline had to do was say, “Sorry, you’re right,” and it would have been over.

I told Caroline that she was being a lunatic if she was blaming me now for how things went on NYE and to go f--- herself if she was seriously threatening me to wipe floors with me. My fight with Caroline was so ridiculous we ended up talking it through and laughing in the end about it on the phone with our husbands both sitting right next to us. We talked, we heard each other, we got it out, and we were able to move on. I was actually honestly trying to help Julie not be afraid to stand up to Caroline and let her know that the best way to move on with Caroline is to be honest about how you feel.

Boy, did that backfire on me, because Julie went straight to Annabelle to gossip about the part of the story I told her. I was not caught, I was not lying, I was just shocked and caught off guard that Julie would tell Annabelle anything before we even finished our conversation. I felt let down that my wanting to help Julie somehow was turned into me being afraid of Caroline, which could not have been further from the truth – there was nothing to be afraid of.

I have always and will always stand up for myself and address anyone directly that disrespects me. Annabelle knows very well from past experience that I am not afraid to stand up to anyone directly if there is an issue and confront it head on. Tell us about Caroline’s reaction to finding out you told Julie and Caroline telling you to “fix it.” 

JA: Julie, AKA “Loose Lips” as we like to call her, didn’t do me any favors. Being that Caroline and I are close friends, I never should have shared our conversation with Julie in the first place. I never wanted to get Annabelle involved and make it into a bigger deal. Ironically in the end I actually did have to apologize to Caroline for letting our private conversation be spread without the whole story told. When Caroline said, “Fix it,” she meant tell them the whole story and stop Annabelle and Julie from making it all into a bigger deal, it’s time to move on. What were you thinking when Julie presented her gift to Caroline considering your prior conversations with Julie about Caroline? 

JA: It was completely ironic since the day before she was trying to project her fear of Caroline onto me, telling me that I’m afraid to stand up to Caroline. Julie had a chance to speak her peace and instead became the one paralyzed by fear and did the opposite by praising Caroline with the gift of a “kale” t-shirt. Her behaviour was very odd those couple of days after NYE. Tell us about the confrontation with Julie at Sophie’s party. 

JA: I just want Julie to be consistent with what she says to people directly to them, versus what she says about them. She is not always consistent in that way; she will say one thing and then act completely the opposite way to avoid confrontation. But she has no problem instigating confrontation amongst friends with her “loose lips” if it means watching from the sidelines.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo