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Shannon Beador ‘Understands Why Vicki Is Upset’ At Meghan King Edmonds!

Shannon Beador is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Shannon shares her thoughts on defending Vicki and dishes on Tamra's sex party. Shannon writes:

"I am on a plane to Hawaii with David and the kids for a last minute vacation before the kids start school! Can't wait to get there!!!

Arguing always puts a pit in my stomach. The tail end of Vicki and Meghan's argument at Heather's new home was very uncomfortable. I'm not sure that the luncheon table was the most appropriate place to bring up the topic of Brooks and his illness, but Meghan definitely has a pattern for saying what's on her mind when she wants to say it. I can't imagine what it would feel like to be sick and have people start to doubt my treatment plan or illness. I understand why Vicki is upset because the idea is so preposterous.

I love Dr. Moon! I have been quite healthy recently so I have not been visiting him as much as I did last year. Although some of the muscle testing and concepts that he talks about may seem unconventional, he really knows what he is doing! It's no secret that I have been quite emotional over the past year and I've had a lot of ups and downs. Emotions can absolutely affect you physically and Dr. Moon helps keep mine in check!

And speaking of emotions...most of you have been so supportive of my emotional highs and lows as I go through the healing process with David and I am incredibly grateful for your kind messages. There have also been some who have criticized me for not getting over things in a snap or for acting negatively. You are all seeing me a few months after my husband unequivocally committed to our marriage. I am doing the best I can. I chose to fight for my marriage and that shows strength. I deserve the time I need to heal. End of story.

It was fun getting ready for Tamra and Eddie's sex party. I always love a theme party! I was a little confused with my commentary -- while I am a "rocker", I'm not quite sure what that has to do with dressing sexy! I helped pick out Tamra's outfit and wish you could have seen us shopping in the porn store because it was pretty funny! Her outfit was complete lace (completely see-through!) with a leather "V" barely covering her lady parts! Maybe someday with a million booty classes at CUT Fitness, I can have something close to her amazing figure!

I am still surprised at everything that happened at the sex party. First of all, the sex video, very clever... and so funny! And then the leeches. I heard Heather was bleeding, but never actually saw it! She was very brave to try the procedure!  But the most perplexing portion of the evening to me was the confrontation between Vicki and Meghan. I will say again that I understand how Vicki is upset that a damaging allegation is now out in the public that Brooks may not be sick and I empathize with her. Then when Meghan and Jim approached Vicki and I, I tried to bring that point across to defend my friend. But then Vicki steered the conversation to their marriage, and as much as I've had my own issues with Meghan in the past, I just don't think that was right.

Oh, it looks like it keeps going on in the next episode. Until then...Aloha! Just landed!"

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The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo