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Tamra Judge Starts New Custody Battle With Ex-Husband Simon Barney Over Teenage Daughter Sidney!

The custody war between Tamra Judge and her ex-husband, Simon Barney is not over, in fact, it’s flaring up once again over their older daughter, Sidney. The Real Housewives of Orange County star is ready to do anything to repair her relationship with her 16-year-old daughter, whether her ex likes it or not.

Tamra now explains in the new legal documents, obtained by Radar Online that she agreed to the change in custody and Sidney living with her father full time because she believed they would all be bound to follow the court order to do exactly as therapist Dr. Linda Grossman recommended.

Judge claims the therapist said all three of them needed to complete a class entitled “Overcoming Barriers”. However, Judge reveals how when she reached out to her ex to confirm he would be participating in the class with her and Sidney he refused.

Judge insists this is a direct violation of the court order stating they had to follow all of the therapist’s directions, and she says her ex is now in contempt of court.

Judge, who currently only has visitation rights to Sydney, then goes on to blast Barney, alleging that Simon just wants to alienate their daughter from her and that this latest incident is even more proof of her belief.

But Barney claimed in court papers that Sydney suffered from extreme anxiety due to living with Judge. He also alleged that his ex had told the teen that she was no longer allowed in her house because of her strong bond with him. Barney went on to say Sidney suffered severe cramps, difficulties in school and public ridicule as a result of her anxiety and the situation with her mom.

A hearing has been set for August 28.

Photo Credit: Bravo