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Shannon Beador: “I Always Have Fun With Vicki And Tamra”

Shannon Beador is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's hilarious episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Shannon dishes on whooping it up with Vicki and Tamra in Tahiti! Shannon writes:

"I have watched this episode a few times and laughed so hard all weekend! I have to say that our second day in Mo'orea was one of the most fun "girl days" I have ever had!!!

I was so frustrated that I was sick when we landed in Tahiti. My nebulizer blew up and I had to rent a Tahitian one that I couldn't figure out how to use! I had sinus surgery years ago and now the drainage goes to my lungs -- I cough every day and it is a nightmare! I hate using a nebulizer!!!

Love that Tamra has the guts to swim topless! I never will...

Dinner on our first night in Mo'orea was perfect. Quiet and mellow. I was concerned for Lizzie that we were all intruding in a very personal moment as she took her pregnancy test. She was a trooper! I know she will get pregnant when the time is right!

On our second day in Mo'orea I was ready to rock and roll! I took my amino acid drink from Dr. Tim and I was raring to go! Swimming with the sharks and stingrays was as funny as my kayaking adventure with Vicki last year in Bali! I was floored that we were just swimming in the ocean. I assumed we would be with trained sharks and the stingrays would have their stingers off. I was most concerned about the stingrays and kept asking if our guide had an antidote. It was really hot and as much as I am afraid of the fish, I had to cool off and get into the water. I never let go of James our guide. I finally convinced Vicki to come in and at that point I couldn't stop laughing! I was afraid to touch the bottom so I straddled Vicki the whole time. What you didn't see was when Vicki and I started to get out, Heather started to pull me back in the water. I had Vicki pulling one arm and Heather pulling the other! Vicki finally couldn't hold on any more and let go. We called it our "titanic" moment. So then I was forced to touch the sting ray. I'm just not a fish fan...
When we stopped off for the fattening pizza on our way back to the hotel, I called David and he was upset that Stella had injured her foot when toilet papering a house in the middle of the night. David coaches the twins in basketball and their huge tournament was the following weekend. She was the star of her team and we were both concerned she wouldn't be able to play.

Can you tell the Beadors are competitive when it comes to sports???

I decided to hang back at the hotel after our shark swimming day because I always have fun with Vicki and Tamra. I'm so glad I did! It was one of the funniest nights ever -- and there were still so many things you didn't see!!!

I should have known I was in for a wild night when Vicki tried to his pour straight vodka into my glass in her room. And when she chose to drive the golf cart into the restaurant I couldn't stop laughing! The staff at the restaurant was panicking as they saw us drive up the ramp!

Our waiter didn't understand English and it was pretty hilarious. We couldn't understand his name either, so Tamra just started calling him Tiramisu. His take on a Fireball was vodka, ice, and a lime wheel on the side. On the first round he called our drink a Fireball, the second round a Fireblast, the third round a Firebush, and I can't remember any more rounds after that!

When Heather called us we started dancing to the phone music on Vicki's Tahitian cell phone. We were on fire! You didn't get to see Heather go behind the bar to make her rendition of a Fireball! From what I can recall, it was quite good! Rumor has it we almost reached double digits in the shot department which I never, ever do, but I was on vacation and it's ok to be wild and zany like that sometimes!! And ending up in the pool -- wouldn't have had it any other way!!! Love that it ended with Vicki saying "I think we had one too many drinks!"

There's more Tahitian fun next week! Until then...XO"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo