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Quit Or Fired? The REAL Reason Behind NeNe Leakes' RHOA Exit!

Earlier this week, NeNe Leakes shocked fans when she announced that she was leaving the Real Housewives of Atlanta and wasn't going to appear on the show's upcoming eight season. However, new sources claim that Leakes was pushed out of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, read full details below!

According to inside sources, Leakes "was alienating everyone on the show and refused to do so much. Sometimes wouldn't do publicity for the show.

Her season-long protest tantrums lead producers to try and axe her from her full time spot the source said. "They didn't want to pay her as much since she kept storming off and not saying anything on camera," an insider tells Radar Online.

So instead of raking in well over $1 million a season, "They told her they were going to pay her half as much and cut her time back," claimed the source.

In order to save face, the source told Radar, "Bravo allowed her to say that she wanted to leave but really Bravo was the one cutting her."

The RHOA star was sanguine when talking to friends about leaving, but the source said she was covering up for what Bravo was really forcing her to do.

According to the source, "producers were scratching their heads about her leaving because it is really easy money. She just needs to show up and participate but she wasn't even doing that."

Her family was also pressuring her to quit the show. "Her husband and kids were warning her about the bad press she's getting," the insider claimed. "And her son's arrest didn't help things."

Leakes hasn't completely severed all ties with RHOA the source told Radar. "If she would want to be an active part of the show that would be a completely different story," the source claimed.

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Photo Credit: Bravo