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New Details Released Of Tamra Judge’s Son Ryan Vieth’s Arrest!

The story behind Tamra Judge‘s son Ryan Vieth's domestic violence arrest is crazier than a whole season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Apparently, a new report is claiming that sexting and a whole lot of alcohol is allegedly is behind the arrest - read full details below!

As reported, Vieth was arrested for domestic violence on June 28, 2015, after a fight broke out with his wife Sarah Rodriguez at their Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca., home. Rodriguez allegedly called 911 and claimed her shirtless husband had hit her and possibly broken her finger. He was never charged.

Now, an insider is painting a shocking portrait of what they say really happened behind the scenes to spark the domestic disturbance.

“Ryan was sleeping in bed, but his friends were over and they were drinking,” an insider tells Radar Online. “Sarah woke him up by pouring water over his head, asking, ‘Do you want to watch me f**k your friend’s girlfriend?'”

Vieth “made everyone leave,” claims the insider.

“Sarah fell walking up the stairs, and Ryan went to grab his cell that he thought was his but was actually hers,” alleges the insider. That’s when Vieth, 29, saw “she was texting three different guys nasty things.”

“There was a struggle with the phone and she ran out the front door to a neighbor and said he was beating her,” claims the insider, noting that the cops showed up on the domestic dispute call and arrested Vieth, but declined to press charges.

The insider also tells Radar that this “isn’t the first time” Vieth’s suspicions have been raised about his relationship.

On one occasion, alleges the insider, “Sarah went on a job interview at 5 p.m. while he watched all the kids, and she did not get home until 5 the next morning.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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