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Tamra Judge And Simon Barney Settle Custody Dispute Over Teenage Daughter!

Tamra Judge has finally settled her custody battle with her ex-husband Simon Barney. The Real Housewives of Orange County star reveals her ex-husband Simon will get sole custody of their oldest daughter Sidney, who is 16 years-old.

"Simon, Sidney and I talked and she told me she wanted her dad's house to be her main residence," Tamra tells RumorFix. "She is 16-years-old and can choose where she wants to live. We honored her wishes. We love our daughter and her happiness is what matters the most. I've never told her she was not welcomed in my house because of her relationship with her father. I want her to have a healthy relationship with both of us."

Tamra says the ongoing custody battle with Simon has been emotionally draining. "I'm not going to lie," she says. "This whole transition has hurt me dearly. As a mother, my kids are my life. I have to sit back and read so many false stories about my family. It takes a really strong person to pull out of this OK. I'm not sure I'm OK yet."

Still, Tamra does admit there have been some lessons she's learned. "With every negative comes a positive," she says, "and our family has learned alot and gotten closer."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo