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Kristen Taekman Thinks Dorinda Medley And Heather Thomson Have Underlying Issues

Kristen Taekman is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Kristen Taekman dishes on Ramona's "rude" behavior and Luann and Dorinda getting "drunkity drunk drunk." Kristen writes:

"Bethenny and Heather have very strong personalities and are both used to being the boss! I loved hearing Heather call Bethenny out on being a know-it-all because, let's face it -- she 100% is. Bethenny's response back was priceless, too! Loved it. "Come to me if you want to know it all!"

So funny. I do think it's crazy how she really did just take over the whole book conversation, though. Carole is a writer...hello! Maybe she has some insight on the subject. Lu has also published a book, just sayin'!

Bethenny decides to make us all lunch. I was thinking, great, we can stay at the house, chill out, have a nice salad, and rest up for that night. Of course, Sonja and Ramona have ants in their pants and need to be around men. They are attention seekers, through and through. It's like they are in heat or something. Ewww! I really do wish that Ramona would own up to her damn boob job. Just admit it! They look great, I just don't understand why she's being so shy about it (BTW -- she isn't being that shy! Have you seen those itsy bitsy bikini tops?)

OMG what about all of those macramé dresses! Hilarious!

The Conch Shack was so great -- I had the best time there! Finally we had beer, the beach, our feet in the sand, and we were listening to island music. That was vacation to me. I have to admit, I was super tipsy, but that only helped my dancing skills! When in Turks and Caicos...

Ramona beelining for the owner of the restaurant was so bizarre. At one point, I went up to say hi and she acted like she didn’t know me! Why box us all out? For what? A one night stand? Please. She needed to cut it out.

The Gansevoort Hotel was superb! Just gorgeous! The suite was amazing. We all had fun just hanging out, being silly. It was so nice to swim but of course Carole bailed! Don't even get me started on lunch. Ramona just doesn’t get it. EVER. How could she not realize how rude she was being?

The "F" Dinner.

What the f--- happened!!!??? Lu and Dorinda are drunkity-drunk-drunk-drunk! It was fun to see Lu let loose and have fun but Dorinda... Hello, she needs subtitles? How dirty was that martini? Very odd. Dorinda and Heather has some underlying issues going on, that's for sure.

To be continued is right!!"

What do you think about Kristen’s blog?

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo