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It's Miami Vs. LA! Basketball Wives LA Returns To VH1 For Season 4 On July 12th! Watch The Official Super Trailer, Cast Info And Photos HERE!

The wait is finally over! Basketball Wives LA is back with a new season, new drama, new faces and familiar ones as well. Returning are Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo, Draya Michele and Brandi Maxiell. Meghan James, who's known for her drama on Oxygen's Bad Girls Club series is joining the cast along with Basketball Wives stars Shaunie O’Neal and Tami Roman. It's Miami versus LA!

Rounding off the cast are newbies Angel Brinks and Patrice Curry who will appear in a recurring role throughout the season. On this season, Draya returns but isn’t feeling Mehgan James. Brandi and Jason are still working through their relationship but Brandi doesn’t seem quite as quiet as she was last season. And Malaysia says she’ll forgive Jackie for her tacky antics if she lets her go on a date with Doug. Check out the official Season 4 super trailer, cast bios and photos below!

via VH1 Press Release

Basketball Wives LA follows the lives of a group of women with relationships to some of the biggest basketball players in the game. The series is back for an explosive fourth season!
Returning from last season are Draya Michele, Malaysia Pargo, Brandi Maxiell, and Jackie Christie. With Basketball Wives Miami Queen Bee, Shaunie O’Neal, setting up shop in LA and the addition of three hot new ladies the bar is set high for a very exciting season. Jackie brings in friend and notorious basketball girlfriend, Mehgan James. Also joining the clique are wife of player Eddy Curry and Malaysia's friend, Patrice Curry, and Draya’s friend /fashion designer and ex-girlfriend of Tyreke Evens, Angel Brinks. With so many LA locals, Shaunie calls in old friend and outspoken Basketball Wives Miami gal, Tami Roman as reinforcement. With all these new personalities, sparks are sure to fly.

This season, cast members continue to deal with personality struggles. Brandi, living alone in LA, struggles to deal with husband Jason Maxiell's infidelity. Jason will pull out all the stops in begging for forgiveness, but is it just too late for Brandi? Recently separated from Janerro Pargo, Malaysia struggles to raise her kids by herself while also dealing with a tragic death in her family. Newcomer Patrice Curry faces challenges of her own as she attempts to adopt a child who is a bi-product of her husband Eddy's alleged infidelity.

It's an all out clash with the newbies of the group and the old vets. Original cast-mate Jackie Christie begins the season on the outs with most of her friends and decides to lean on her new protégé, Mehgan James, for support. But the friendship backfires when Mehgan's lying ways come into question, causing a monumental rift with the other women. Jackie won't take any disrespect and stoops to an all time low during an ugly showdown on a weekend trip to Santa Barbara. In a desperate attempt to salvage her friendships with Brandi and Malaysia, Jackie resorts to extreme lengths, laying her restrictive relationship with her husband Doug on the line.
Old friendships are tested like never before when Draya gets a rude awakening as people start to see her true colors. Besties Brandi and Malaysia recognize that she is not a true friend and pick apart her selfish ways. Draya can't take the heat and chooses to hide behind friend and fashionista, Angel Brinks. However, her plan backfires as Angel becomes instantly enmeshed in all the drama. Draya lashes out with venom in unfathomable ways. Will she be able to repair the damage or are her days numbered amongst this group?

The Basketball Wives Miami maven, Shaunie O'Neal, joins the LA ladies for some West coast fun but soon realizes that they are cut from a very different cloth. When her old time East coast buddy, Tami Roman, joins the cast, the Miami / LA divide is set in stone. Rivalries come to a head when the women engage in an explosive confrontation during what's supposed to be a relaxing trip to Puerto Rico. A hurricane of fighting leads to a catastrophic turn for worst on this all new season of VH1's hit reality TV series, Basketball Wives LA.

Brandi Maxiell, wife of player Jason Maxiell, has recently put her marriage to the test by placing her husband on a "timeout". Fed up after discovering that Jason had stepped out on her, Brandi made the decision that the best thing for their marriage would be for her and Jason to live in separate states. Not wanting to give up on the relationship completely, Brandi and Jason are working hard on their bond through couples therapy. Will Jason be able to win Brandi's trust back or is it game over for their marriage?

Draya Michele has her sights set on the fashion industry with the launch of her new clothing line "Fine Ass Girls". This season, Draya gets called out by the other women for being self-centered, running away from problems, and distancing herself. She puts her friendships on the line when she makes an unforgivable comment about Brandi's cancer battle. Will Draya's loose lips prove the end to some of her relationships, or will she be able to repair the damage she's done?

Jackie Christie, wife of retired Los Angeles player Doug Christie, is notorious in the Basketball Wives world for her trouble making ways. Having burned bridges with some of her fellow wives in the past, this season Jackie is determined to get her friendships back on track. When not focused on keeping the spark alive in her twenty-plus year marriage with Doug, Jackie is passionate about being recognized as a boss lady. Will Jackie's crazy ways prove too much for the other LA ladies or will she be able to mend her broken relationships once and for all?

Malaysia Pargo, separated spouse of Charlotte player Jannero Pargo, is going through what she calls "one of the toughest years of her life". With both her ongoing divorce and the death of her brother weighing on her mind, Malaysia is leaning on her friends now more than ever. However, her closest friends might prove to be not so close after all. With her personal struggles, who from the group is really there to show their support?

Meghan James is fresh to the scene in LA and looking to make friends. A friend of Jackie Christie, Mehgan immediately starts stirring up trouble for herself when the other ladies start to question where her alliances lie. Mehgan, not one to ever hold her tongue or shy away from getting physical, immediately rubs Draya the wrong way. Is there room in the LA group for this newbie or will her outspoken ways land her in hot water?

Shaunie O'Neal is the ex-wife of one of the basketball world's most respected players, Shaquille O'Neal. A successful entrepreneur and raising five children, Shaunie works hard to balance work, kids, and a new exciting dating life. Recently, Shaunie is back in her hometown of Los Angeles and very happy with where life is headed. With years of experience dealing with her Miami crew under her belt, for Basketball Wives LA Season 4, Shaunie tries to bring some peace and resolve to the LA girls' issues.

Angel Brinks, ex-girlfriend of New Orleans player Tyreke Evans, comes to the group through one of her best girlfriends, Draya Michele. A mother of two, Angel tries hard to balance the responsibilities of motherhood with running and designing her own clothing line. Angel causes some waves in the group after being introduced to the LA girls as Draya’s "real friend". Will the other women embrace Angel with open arms or will they give her the cold shoulder?

Patrice Curry, joining the circle this season, is the wife of former NBA player, Eddy Curry. A friend of Malaysia and mother of seven, Patrice has had to deal with a lot in her life, including adultery and other common troubles of being with a league player. This season, Patrice has a tough decision to make when she battles with whether or not to adopt Eddy's son, who was conceived out of his infidelity.

Tami Roman is the veteran basketball wife and ex of Kenny Anderson. Tami Roman's high-profile child support case against her ex may have made plenty of ink in the past, but it's style that's on her mind these days as the brains behind an newly-launched nail polish and lip gloss line. The mother of two and former Real World star continues to deal with her anger issues as she focuses on her personal development. In Basketball Wives LA Season 4 Tami decides to head west after close friend and former Basketball Wives Miami alum Shaunie O'Neal seeks her assistance in sorting out the issues with the LA ladies. Notorious for her bluntness and sometimes anger issues, will Tami be able to help the LA crew or make their situation even worse?

Basketball Wives LA premieres this Sunday, July 12 at 9pm/8c on VH1!

Photo/Video Credit: VH1