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Pettifleur Berenger: “Gamble Was Way Past Gutter Behaviour”

Pettifleur Berenger is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Pettifleur Berenger shares her thoughts on Season 2 finale and all the drama that went down on her 50th birthday party. Pettifleur writes:

"It feels like just yesterday when season two hit our screens with a bang, and now sadly it’s the end of the season! I am so honoured to be blogging about the finale, so thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!
The opening scene at the dog races was quite a cute idea! It was a gorgeous day and all the girls looked fabulous at the dog RACES. Animal racing to me, whether it is a dog or a horse means wearing a hat in Melbourne; however the girls did not adhere to the rule.

Gamble’s wardrobe left much to be desired though, a sequinned skirt, for the host of the dog races? Hmmmm. The moment Gina and Gamble’s dogs saw each other they locked heads. They say dogs have sixth sense, you are right Gamble, Cash may have detected the brewing animosity between their mums?

Clearly I didn’t own Max the dog, and as advised by my dog’s owner the protein bar did not work. Max just rolled over for a scratch on the tummy, he didn’t even take off! I was surprised that Fig's didn’t win, but well done Cash! Thank you to my lovely son Nathan, Gamble’s soon-to-be step son Luke, and Fabio (haha!) for helping us on the day, and looking dapper as ever!

We move onto Chyka and I at my apartment. I hired Chyka’s company for my event because I had a specific aesthetic for my 50th Birthday, and I wanted the best to execute my vision. We sat down over a glass of champagne and discussed.

My intention was to bring a bit of New York Winter to Melbourne! I adore New York, yet Melbourne will always be my home, I envisioned for my birthday a marriage of the two cities. Walk through this journey with me and visualise: rising mist billowing below a chandelier of gently falling snow, the comforting sound of piped music as you enter, twinkling crystals, the perfume of fresh white flowers and the sparkle of polished silverware; I wanted my guests to feel like they had stepped into a snow-filled haven adorned by the sights of Melbourne wrapped around them!

I wanted soft twinkling lights, flickering candles, and a snow-white room back dropped by a crystal studded moon. Flowing French champagne, scrumptious canapés, tantalising cuisine, topped off with silver beaded petit fours.

I explained to Chyka, that my cake is a representation of my life, the giant steps I had to take in life and the architectural structure like the Sydney opera house representing the work I do as a property developer. Now I'll leave the hard work for Chyka! Check!

Then we move to Lydia’s dinner! Oh what a night, let me tell you, the mood was as light as whipped butter; everything about that night was divine. Great company, incredible food and we laughed all night! of course, as I said, when women of our age get together, chances are, the topic of conversation will always turn to naughty stuff!

Wet pussies, Viagra and cream filled cigars! Haha! It comes up that Janet knows quite a bit about Viagra; so that’s why you like all the young boys Janet! Haha, and speaking of things that melt in your mouth: Lydia’s desert! (Created by the extraordinary Matt Butcher!) What sums up Lydia’s desert (which was based on her) more than long, luscious and full of cream? Obviously I lapped it up! How could a girl go wrong with some cognac and a cigar? In love! (I love my cognac at room temperature).
Now, the stress before my party!

As I said earlier, I am very particular and when I plan something, I plan it down to the finest detail. In no terms was my big 50th birthday celebration any different, I had an exact idea, and invested a lot of money into its execution.

So, when I started to see things weren’t going exactly as I had planned, of course I felt the need to speak up! I showed Chyka images of how my entrance should look! A lush, white winter feel. As they say the first impression is the lasting one and I had no qualms about kicking some butt to make this perfection.

Daisy and Chyka were so accommodating and reassured me that my ‘freak outs’ would disappear when I see the end result and everything would work out, and it did! My party was breathtaking! I simply couldn’t describe to you how unbelievable everything looked.

I wanted my guests to feel like they are in a snow castle like royalty, so I organised a grand and royal arrival for my guests in white horses and carriage. I loved how the ladies took in the city views of Melbourne as they enjoyed the arrival on horse and carriage.

Jackie, Chyka and Janet seem to enjoy the ride and soaked it up. There were shots on arrival, live piped music played on the clarinet, cocktails, flowing french champagne, and of course a light snowfall, NOT an ejaculating forest Gamble!!!! Embarrassed by sex toys but constantly using sexual innuendoes! I am confused Gamble! Jackie hit the nail on the head when she asked if she was in New York City! Mission accomplished.

So then the drama begins! Firstly, I thought this saga between Gamble and Janet was over at the hen’s party, but of course it gets brought up again, at my party?! I was appalled and humiliated in the presence of my guests, with the pockets of bitch fights going on at my party. My wish for a drama free party just got annihilated. Round 1, Gamble Vs Manuella, again Gamble the queen of asking personal questions, asks Manuella how much money does she make?

What is Gamble’s fixation on the ladies finances, and if it is old or new money? Who cares! Gamble orders Manuella to the gutter where she belongs, however telling her to get laid and using the C word on another woman? Gamble was way past gutter behaviour she was soaked in the sewer.

In my opinion the horrible inappropriate c word should not be used by a lady. #whobegstodiffer Janet sums up the whole rumourgate loudly, but very clearly, hopefully Gamble can drop the whole best actress Logie performance and stop talking about it. For someone who is scandalised and upset about this rumour, it is uncanny how she brings it up all the time. Gambi are you attention seeking darling?

Next is my tribute to my parents, their love and my name and how I was named Pettifleur. I came up with the idea of doing the Rumba: the dance of love to celebrate their love, and dance to the instrumental 'Petite Fleur’ after which I was named.

It all began with my Mum and Dad dancing to 'Petite Fleur', an instrumental played on the clarinet by Sidney Bechet, and made famous by Acker Bilk. My parents were in love, and swept up in the music when my mother whispered to my father, “when we have a daughter, I will name her after this song.”

When I was born, my mother decided to change the spelling of 'Petite Fleur' to make it unique, so the name Pettifleur was born. The dance was beautifully received by all, the ladies faces showed their enjoyment and approval.

Turning 50, I felt the need to do something special. I worked very hard to perfect this dance. To be honest, it took 11 days of very hard rehersals from not knowing a thing about the rumba to performance on the night, thanks to my dancing instructor/partner he made me look good and I did not fall on my bottom.

Similarly my very talented son Trent learned the song 'Petite Fleur' on the piano and had just one practice session with the clarinet player to perform the tribute to my name and its creation on the night! I was very proud; my boys, my older son looking very handsome, introducing the dance and being MC for the night. I was feeling on top of the moon turning 50.

Round 2, We go from my son's performing scene that involved Gamble, Gina, Jackie, Janet and I. Gina’s loyalty to Gamble and their friendship was brought into question. Gamble looks visually hurt and brings up Gina’s gossiping friction not fact, about her makeup artist working with strippers and is very hurt that her bestie is adding fuel to the fire.

So Gina doesn’t gossip? Who begs to differ? Gamble confronts Gina about her makeup artist. In typical Gina style, Gina does a quick doggie back paddle! Round 3, Jackie joins in and Gamble’s attention diverts to Jackie and questions her about Gina’s plot to throw the new girls under the bus! Considering Gina has thrown me under the speeding mac truck, we will never know what would have happened on the morning show, had Jackie agreed to this ambush!

However in Gina style she backed away from admission and calls Jackie mad. Later stating she was only joking! Remember Gina has lots of digs on everyone in the name of jokes! Gamble on the other hand couldn’t figure HERSELF out, if she believed Jackie lied or not.

She says she believes her, the next moment she calls her a liar. Your excused Gamble 3 drinks and its pumpkin hour!! Round 4, Janet steps in and calls Gina out and this time Gina admits it was said in jest! Haha! Don’t worry Janet and Jackie, you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Gamble is not getting you explanations. Gamble actually believes she has a budding friendship with Gina right after she has just questioned her betrayal.

Round 5, Oh and then Gamble goes into dangerous territory questions and Jackie’s profession. I am feeling at this time an explosion coming on! So uncalled for, considering Jackie is trying to help Gamble see the truth. Let me tell you now darling, your friendship with Gina is totally one sided and you're clutching at straws girl!

Listen to Jackie. Round 6, Gina has a shot at Jackie and Janet making a comment about dilated eyes and takes off as fast as those fat spanx would let her go!! Hilarious Janet! Now Jackie is fuming! This girl is not stopping now.

My New York snow started to melt from the hot tension that begun to spark in the room as Jackie and Gina went head to head. I am feeling helpless and trying to hush it down. My beautiful white party was turning into a horror before my eyes!

Round 7, Jackie is so angry, she is not happy with the comment of the dilated eyes and heads to the balcony to confront Gina. I see my balcony door being kicked and slammed. I am worried that one of these women are going to be thrown off the balcony, so I get in the middle of these very angry women, at my own risk I might add.

The party ended up with the ladies leaving very upset and fuming with each other and I felt very disappointed and let down. But as they say the party must go on and it did, we partied until 4am. It was a memorable night in every aspect. For most of the part we had a fabulous night!

I didn’t know that I ‘freaked out’ so much at the party, but we all need to remember that time heals all wombs?? Lydia, haha I knew what you meant!!
I have enjoyed all the ladies!

#Ijustgaveittoyou! #Whobegstodiffer
#Switchthebitch and stay happy!

I rest my case."

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena and Thursday nights at 9pm/8c on Bravo!

Photo Credit: Bravo