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Joyce Giraud Watches Home Burglarized Live On Phone App While On Vacation!

Former Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Joyce Giraud got a dose of reality when a burglar broke into her home while she was away on vacation with her family. Interesting enough, Giraud witnessed the whole thing on her smartphone.

TMZ reported Saturday that the former beauty queen watched as the LAPD showed up and arrested the intruder. On Saturday, the mother-of-two tweeted an image from her security cameras showing police officers in the driveway of her home and the alleged intruder cuffed and laying face down on the ground.

"To the heroes of @LAPD @LAPDHQ @LAPDNorthHwdDiv you were so fast & took care of my home!ThankYou!@LAPDChiefBeck" she tweeted.

According to TMZ, police officers say that a man climbed over an exterior wall to get into the grounds of the Beverly Hills mansion. He reportedly broke into the house through a back window, and then opened the front gate to pull his car into the driveway.

An employee who was inside the home activated the alarm system which also has a surveillance app, which activated on Giraud's smartphone allowing her to watch what happened as events unfolded, reports the Daily Mail.

Joyce Giraud's rep confirms to People that no injuries were reported and no items were taken, police officers arrived quickly and apprehended the suspect.

Photo Credit: Bravo