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Teresa Giudice's First Prison Photos Released!

Teresa Giudice, her husband Joe, and their daughters have posed for their first photo since the Real Housewives of New Jersey star began her 15-month prison sentence. The picture is featured on the new cover of Us Weekly (see cover photo below).

In the issue, Teresa opens up about her life at the Danbury, Conn. facility for the first time since being remanded in January. "I miss Joe and my girls terribly," the magazine reports she said, in a statement issued by her lawyer.

For his part, Joe also opens up about how her absence has taken an emotional toll on him and the family: "I cry more than the girls," Joe tells the magazine of having to leave Teresa after regular visits. "I pretty much cry every time I leave. Like a little baby."

Joe has also spoken out about how he's doing his best to keep his head up high. In an interview with Extra, he said, "When you have four kids you have to stay strong. Her being away definitely makes me appreciate her more, a lot more, and, you know, everything she did."

Source/Photo Credit: BravoUs Weekly