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Chyka Keebaugh: “I Felt A Bit Sad That As Old Friends Gina Didn’t Give Janet A Chance To Explain What Had Actually Happened”

Chyka Keebaugh is taking to her personal blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Chyka Keebaugh weighs in on Gina Liano and Janet Roach's dramatic confrontation. Chyka writes:

"This episode is action packed and moved so fast – I hope you were buckled in for the ride! We start the show with Gina and Janet catching up for a coffee. Janet was genuinely excited to be seeing Gina and with all the drama from the past supposedly put to bed she thought it was going to be a friendly catch up. But oh no – It wasn’t! Gina was there to defend her friend Gamble and find out why Janet had started these rumours. As I watched this meeting I felt a bit sad that as old friends Gina didn’t give Janet a chance to explain what had actually happened at lunch or where she had heard the rumours from. She was quick to pounce on Janet and as a result it was a coffee date that ended very quickly. I understand that Gamble is a new friend for us all and that Gina and her have become close. But I also believe that there are always two sides to every situation and I would have liked to have been privy to a more balanced conversation. It’s also interesting that Gina said she doesn’t like gossip – but didn’t she say to Lydia in the car ride to Janet’s party that she had heard that Lydia and Andrew had broken up by lot’s of different people too? Isn’t that the same as Janet telling Gamble what she had heard ?

Next you see my gorgeous husband Bruce calling out for me because I’m late for a planning meeting. Seriously, I was 5 minutes late because parking is a nightmare but I think Bruce loved playing that one up! We have many things to discuss and one of them is Bruce telling me he had to go to Doha that night. I actually was totally in shock as I had caught up with Jackie the day before who told me that Bruce was going overseas the next day and would be going back to the same place 3 times before the end of the year. I definitely didn’t believe her and hadn’t told Bruce this news totally blew me away. He also did go back 3 times before the end of the year – Jackie was spot on. We talk about the races and carpet colours and our new venue that we are building with Collingwood Football club. This then leads us to a site inspection of our amazing new venue with Eddie Maguire. This was the first time back on the site for awhile and were so excited to see the progress, the view and the size of the space. Eddie comes and joins us for  a chat and a pep talk about how excited Collingwood are and how amazing it all will be. Eddie is a very old friend and someone both Bruce and I respect very much. We have worked on a lot of events together including his wedding so we know that we work well together. Eddie comes up with the venues new name ‘The Glasshouse’ and we all leave feeling very excited!

Bruce and I organise to have a catch up dinner with Ben and Jackie at our new pop up venue Number 74 – which sadly now is closed. We love these guys and have formed a really great friendship together. Jackie fills me in on her shopping trip with Janet and how upset she was regarding her catch up with Gina. I hated seeing Janet cry as she is a strong woman and usually brushes things aside. I feel guilty that she is taking all the heat from the lunch with Gamble and I will reiterate again that yes I started the conversation. The information I had was from the news paper article and from one other person who has said Gamble was a stripper ( I agree what’s the big deal?) I did not know the other things that Janet bought up and I can’t take responsibility for that. Gamble was also upset because Janet had said that everyone in Melbourne was talking about her and again that was not anything to do with me!

Dinner was great and I knew that the next day at golf I needed to talk to Gamble to clear the air. Golf day arrived and let’s just say as clear and blue as the sky was – it was freezing! I’m the first to arrive and then Gamble so it was great that we had some time to chat before the other girls arrived. My apology was from the heart. I am not a mean or nasty person and the last thing I would ever want to do is hurt a girlfriend or cause her pain. The whole thing went so not where I thought it would and I really wanted Gamble to understand that. I feel she did and we plan to keep moving forward, thankfully.

Gina being Gina of course arrives dressed up for a cocktail party and not a game of golf – god love her. When she has to put the flat shoes on I think it nearly killed her – she kept walking on her tippy toes! Jackie and Janet arrive in style on a chopper and the day begins. We all shared buggies and Gina was very busy telling me how to drive – there was a lot of back seat driving coming from her so when I suggested perhaps she drove, she didn’t want to! Janet starts teaching us how to play golf and I have not laughed so hard in a very long time. Jackie just could not hit that ball and we were all literally crying with laughter. When Gina went to have a go Jackie told us all to quickly move as she felt that Gina was going to throw the club – and of course she did. Another conversation is had about the rumours and what we should all do if we hear anything about each other. Things tensed up there for a minute but finally we found some resolution. We all kissed and made up and spent the rest of the day having an absolute ball. I don’t think I’ll be playing golf anytime soon but it was fun for us all to be taken out of our comfort zones.

What did you think of all our different golf looks? I think I may have looked like a boy in my school uniform …. Chyka xx"

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena and Thursday nights at 9pm/8c on Bravo!

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