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Are Bethenny Frankel And Jill Zarin Still Feuding?

Bethenny Frankel’s return to the Real Housewives of New York City is just a few days away. In a new interview, Frankel's former bestie and co-star Jill Zarin is revealing that there is no longer bad blood between the two.

"There is no feud between myself and Bethenny or myself and anybody that I know of unless they come forth and tell me there's a feud," Jill explains to friend Wendy Feldman on her Dash Radio talk show The Hollywood Fixer.

In fact, when Jill, husband Bobby, and daughter Ally bumped into Bethenny last summer, it was all love. "She had a private conversation with [my daughter] Ally. She danced with Bobby," Jill shares.

The feelings of civility were definitely returned by Bethenny during a one-on-one sit down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. She told Andy that she had "no ill will" toward Jill and, "I wish her the best."

It was an act of maturity that Jill certainly appreciated. "She was very nice about us," she says. "Bobby always liked her. There was never a problem with them. Honestly? It was such a nothing fight that if we were really...real friends make up. Let's put it that way. And unfortunately what happened, happened."

So will Jill be an avid watcher of this season's RHONY then? Though she admits she's "moved on" and is "so past that part of my TV career," she also confesses that "when the show comes back on TV, I get sucked in whether I like it or not—into drama that I have nothing to do with."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo, People