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Kenya Moore Explains Why She Believes Phaedra Parks Cheated On Apollo Nida With ‘Mr. Chocolate’

Kenya Moore appeared on Watch What Happens Live after an explosive episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Sunday night. The former beauty queen explained why she believes Phaedra Parks cheated on Apollo Nida with a man named Mr. Chocolate.

Andy Cohen asked Moore, "Why does Kenya automatically believe these text messages from Phaedra to Mr. Chocolate that she didn't even see when she claims that Apollo made up text messages from her?"

Moore balked at the viewer's question, telling Cohen, "That's an incorrect statement." "Apollo never said I made up text messages. He claimed that I saw him in L.A. That's what he said."

Cohen reminded her that Nida claimed she "sent him a lot of text messages."

"I did send him text messages," Moore said. "That was never in dispute."

She then clarified, "He never claimed that I sent him false text messages ever."

Cohen was confused as to why Moore would take Nida's side. "Why are you believing Apollo, who lied on you?" he asked. Moore replied, "At the time, Apollo presented evidence. He never had evidence that I met him in L.A. and I propositioned him. That's the difference. He showed text messages proving that Phaedra was having an affair and was communicating with someone inappropriately named Chocolate."

Then, Cohen pointed out that it's easy to falsify text messages, which Moore acknowledged. "Here's the hypocrisy of it all: When I said that Apollo was lying on me, everyone believed him. Even when Apollo said that he had been lying, they still never admitted or gave me credit or vindicated me for having been lied on. In fact, [NeNe Leakes] said, Phaedra said, 'Oh, he's lying about lying,'" the Celebrity Apprentice star shared. "So then why is it OK or acceptable that Apollo is now somehow lying about Phaedra, too?"

Moore added, "You can't pick and choose what lie you want to believe that Apollo has told."

During Watch What Happens Live's after-show, Moore explained why she's involved herself in Parks and Nida's business. "We're in all of our business. I think that's what the show is about," she told a viewer. "We have to talk about things that are going on, not only with ourselves, but with everyone else on the show. They certainly didn't have a problem talking about me and Walter, me and my African prince, so if an issue comes up that I'm directly involved in, which were false rumors about me, I will speak on it."

Moore added, "I don't think that that means that I'm in someone else's business."

Who do you believe? Kenya or Phaedra? Sound off in the comments below!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo, E! News