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Gina Liano’s New Book “Fearless: My Life My Way” Is Now Available For Pre-Order!

Real Housewives of Melbourne star Gina Liano has a lot to celebrate lately. Not only is the Foxtel reality show premiering in the US on Bravo on prime time, but the glamours barrister is set release her anticipated first book titled “Fearless: My Life My Way” - which is now available for pre-order in Australia, USA and the UK. See full details below!

About the Book
Most people will know Gina Liano as the larger-than-life personality as seen on The Real Housewives of Melbourne. But few know the real life story behind her rise to fame on reality TV and in Australia’s legal circles as a respected Melbourne barrister.

Gina’s autobiography, like Gina, is up-front, no-holds barred, confronting, revealing, moving, engaging, shocking and passionate.

Born in Melbourne to Italian parents, at the age of 16 Gina was left to raise her sisters Bettina and Teresa single-handedly when both her father and mother walked out on their daughters when their marriage failed. After fending for herself and battling to finish her schooling, Gina lived in near starvation and relied on the help of a generous Nun who offered free education and a will to succeed.

At 18 Gina married and had a child, something she describes as a way of escaping the difficult life she had been handed. And from there established the massively successful Liano retail shops with her sister Bettina when they were barely out of school. Later qualifying as a barrister and a criminal prosecutor, battling cancer and raising two children on her own, Gina’s life has been as dramatic and eventful as any reality TV show. Every step of Gina’s unique journey is intimately recounted with the frankness and honesty that audiences in Australia (and now the US) have come to expect from the straight talking barrister and star of Housewives.

Entertaining, moving, shocking and inspiring, Gina Liano’s story goes far beyond the cameras and life as a reality TV star to show the hard-working, determined and passionate woman behind the cameras.

About the Author
Intelligent, stylish, witty and feisty, Gina Liano, Criminal Barrister and single mother of two boys, this year blazed to national fame as the glamorous, no-nonsense star of Foxtel Arena’s runaway hit series, ‘Real Housewives of Melbourne’.

Gina is no stranger to public life - both as a hardworking, highly respected and sought after criminal barrister of 15 years standing with a reputation for fighting for the underdog; and as a committed family member of Australian fashion royalty who works with her talented sisters Bettina Liano and Teresa (TL Wood).

Besides fashion and the law, Gina has been a successful property developer and is a qualified art curator. Gina has had her battles. She has confronted cancer and with her typical determination and optimism, successfully recovered from her treatment, all the more determined to live her life to the full. Committed to passing

Read an extract from this book HERE!

The book will be available in Australia on April 1, 2015. Australian Readers: You can pre-order it on Booktopia

USA and UK Readers: You can pre-order it on Amazon (available on Paperback and Kindle) on Amazon USA and on Amazon UK!

Source/Photo Credit: BooktopiaAmazon, Instagram