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Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof And Taylor Armstrong Talk About RHOBH On WWHL!

Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof and Taylor Armstrong joined Andy Cohen in the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse on Tuesday night. The ladies shared their thoughts about the current season of the show and more! Check it out below!

Andy went through some crucial moments from this season of RHOBH and wanted to get their opinions on what happened and whose side they are on.

Brandi throwing wine on Eileen:
Camille: “Brandi was wrong. Unnecessary.”
Adrienne: “Horrible.”
Taylor: “Eileen.”

Kim’s accusations about Harry Hamlin in Amsterdam and Lisa Rinna throwing the wine glass:
Camille: “Team Lisa, but she… I don’t know that’s a hard one.”
Adrienne: “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”
Taylor: “I’ve just been so upset with Kim this year because I’m so close with Kyle that it’s hard for me not to side with Lisa on that one.”

Brandi slapping Lisa Vanderpump:
Camille: “We’re all against violence here, I think…”
Taylor: “Absolutely.”

Andy asks Taylor to elaborate about why she has been so upset with Kim this season. “There has been so much history between Kyle and Kim and I know how Kyle has fought for her sister over the years with her challenges and I just feel like she never gets any respect for all that she’s been through on that side and it’s been a really long road. I know that Brandi thinks she’s been here for so many years witnessing it all, you have to remember they’ve been sisters for forty-five years,” Taylor insists.

Camille adds, “Brandi should not be in the middle of the two of them.”

Andy asks if Brandi is being a friend to Kim. Camille responds, “Is she really? I mean is she enabling Kim to do whatever or is she… I don’t know I don’t see any resolution. Time well tell I guess.”

The first caller asks the ladies if they think Lisa Rinna is getting too involved with Kim and Kyle?

“It seems so,” Camille says. “I think she pulled back a bit in this episode.”

“It’s probably a no-win situation,” Adrienne Maloof added.

Another viewer asked if any of the original cast members would consider a return to RHOBH.

“It’s fun,” Camille admitted. “I miss the girls, I had a good time even though I had a terrible season one.”

The next caller asked how Camille and Adrienne’s dating lives are going.

“No we’re not,” Adrienne said when asked if she was still with Jacob Busch. “Didn’t work out, we went our separate ways. I got busy with my work and obviously my children and probably a little bit of age.”

“I’m happily single,” Camille was happy to report.

The next viewer asked Taylor if she regrets how she treated Camille in season 2.

“That seems like a lifetime ago,” Taylor says. “Yeah, for sure. I love these girls. We’ve all evolved together and grown together but we really cared about one another and that’s what made it so authentic.”

Andy asked Adrienne if she has watched her ex-husband Paul Nassif on his new show Botched with Terry Dubrow. “My children want to watch. So I kind of decide whether I think it’s right or wrong, but overall, yeah I’ve seen it,” Maloof admits. “We’re in a good place.”

The next caller asked the women how they feel about Yolanda not cutting ties with Brandi after everything she has done.

“I think she’s lovely and a very classy woman,” Camille says of Foster. “She’s rising above it and why should she cut ties with Brandi?”

Lastly, Andy asks Camille how her health is. “I’m doing so much better, thank you so much,” Camille says. “I’m over a year in remission. I’m charing the national race to end Women’s cancer, so I’m really excited about that.” The last caller asked Taylor why she thinks Kim is having such a hard time with people coming to her about her sobriety when Kim didn’t hesitate to talk to Taylor when she thought she was drinking too much. The caller also asked if Taylor thinks there are mental health issues that are affecting Richards’ sobriety. “I don’t know as far as mental health,” Taylor says. “Kim has struggled with this for so many years and for me it was a real low point in my life and it became very evident that I was using that as a coping mechanism. For Kim it’s been such a long history for her. It’s just been a roller-coaster for her family and it’s just a very sensitive issue for them.”

Thanks to AllThingsRH for the transcript!

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo