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Are Claudia Jordan And Shawn Bullard Dating?

Despite many reports claiming that Claudia Jordan is dating Shawn Bullard, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star shot down rumors by saying they are just friends. "There's no way I could compete with 24 women, nor would I want to compete with 24 women for the affections of one man," she told Wetpaint.

"We are friends, I'm definitely not one of the 24," referencing the format of his WeTV series, Match Made in Heaven.

Shawn also spoke out about the rumors—and while the two aren't togehter, he does think she is a "great person."

"Claudia is a sweetheart, but we're just friends," he told Wetpaint. "We are just friends. She's a really great person. I look at her as a legend in the game because she's been doing this for a long time. She's cool, people should [be friends with her]. When she was coming up in her day and age, what she did was what all the girls wanted to be back then: a beauty pageant winner, a video model—that's when video models were making like 5 to 10 grand a day. She broke barriers with being on The Price Is Right, you know, she's a hustler. And she's cool. And she's somebody who's been in the game and knows the TV business. But even with all that, she's just a friend."

As for the status of her love life, Claudia did reveal that she is seeing someone, adding that she's not sure of the status of that relationship. "Like if it was a Facebook status, I'd have to put right now 'it's complicated.'"

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo