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Andrea Moss Opens Up About Why She Left The Real Housewives Of Melbourne; Says She Will Never Do Reality TV Again!

In a recent interview, former Real Housewives of Melbourne star Andrea Moss reveals why she truly left the high-rating Foxtel reality show. Moss opens up about her feud with Gina Liano, her regrets on doing reality TV and more. Check it out below!

“I resigned from the show because it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be,” Moss tells the Daily Telegraph.

“I was the goodie who kept asking for an apology from Gina and I didn’t even swear once,” she trumpets, still obviously miffed about her on-screen stoushes with the lawyer over an ever increasing list of misdemeanours.”

This included Tennisgate, when Liano turned up late and attempted to play tennis in heels on Moss’s well-maintained home tennis court.

“But do you know what, when we all signed on for the show we thought it was going to be different to what it was and none of us knew that it was going to turn out like that.”

Moss agrees her life is pretty perfect. The only downside is she is fed up with people continually asking what she thinks of the second season of RHOMelbourne.

“I tell them that I keep forgetting to watch it.” “Not really, but from what I’ve heard,” she says, “there is a lot of conflict and a lot of name calling.”

“But what everyone has to remember is that it’s a show made for entertainment. The girls are doing their best to play to the camera.”

“I don’t agree with what they are doing and saying, however it’s being broadcast in America now so maybe that’s what they have to do for prime time television over there?”

When asked if she knew the new wives, “Never heard of her,” says Moss about Pettifleur Berenger.

In a recent episode when Breaux falsely accused group elder stateswoman Janet Roach of once trading sexual favours for drugs. It was apparently payback for Roach having salaciously accused Breaux of being a former stripper.

“I am glad that I’m not on it any more because I am just a mum who works,” Moss insists. She wonders how many of the original cast, including Lydia Schiavello, Chyka Keebaugh and Jackie Gillies, will sign on for a third series.

Is her relationship with her old friend Liano kaput since the show ended?

“Gina and I spoke two or three months ago. There are no issues there and I hope her book is a sellout. I wish her well because the way reality television is presented is not the way it happens.”

Moss reveals she's anti-reality TV and has vowed to “never ever” do another reality show despite being constantly pressured to do everything from a plastic surgery reality show to a cooking show.

“We’re really flat out at work,” she insists. “My husband, Dr Chris Moss now has a big national profile for doing facelifts and he is incredibly busy. The other thing about doing reality is the total lack of privacy. I can’t go to Chadstone shopping town now without being asked to do a selfie with someone. But it is a lesson learned to never do reality again.”

Photo Credit: Foxtel