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Kristen Doute Explains What It Felt Like To Get Fired From SUR

Kristen Doute is taking to her Bravo Vlog to dish on this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules. Kristen talks about getting fired and why she was really proud of Katie. Check out Kristen's video blog below!

Read full transcript of Kristen's vlog below - courtesy of Bravo

"Hey, I'm Kristen Doute, and welcome to my video blog.

I love seeing James in his element.

Nothing makes him happier than making music. He literally gets off on the vibe that you're doing something really cool that people are enjoying, and watching him DJ--it does that.

That's the Katie that I was best friends with for so many years.

The Katie that was no bullsh--. To say, I love you and I respect and I can understand you, but I don't desereve this. You made a mistake. You're sleeping on the couch. Like, good for you, Katie. I really was proud of her in that moment.

I saw Lisa, Diana, Natalie, Guillermo, and Ken all sitting in the room together, and I just knew it. Part of me was getting ready to walk in and like strip my SUR dress off right then and there and say I quit, but I wasn't going to put one more notch in the bed post if you will. It's sort of bittersweet. I knew my time at SUR was really over.

I'm Kristen Doute, and thank you for watching my video blog."

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Vanderpump Rules airs Monday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo